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Workflow, headteachers and supervisors

We are proud to introduce a system that enhances the workflow, as well as a new role for headteachers.


It is now possible for administrators to decide when different people (roles) see the attendance, behaviour and assessment information in different phases. This new feature is called "Workflow" and makes the workflow of a site smoother.

We have also prepared a solution that allows administrators to decide when the information is made available for external systems. (Note: this setting will not be functional until the API is ready.)

Let's illustrate how it works with a practical example: If you want the attendance to be visible for learners and parents in the course registration phase, click the Attendance tab, and check the boxes in front of "Learner" and "Parent". If you don't want attendance to be visible for learners and parents until the group registration phase, leave the boxes unchecked in the course registration phase, and check them in the next phase instead. This means that parents and learners will not be able to see the attendance until the teacher submits it to the mentor.

Workflow features can be found under Administration >> Workflow.

Help icon Read more about workflow in the help!

Headteachers and supervisors

Introducing headteachers and supervisors

A "headteacher" (also known as school principal, headmaster or headmistress) is the most senior teacher and leader of a school. In itslearning, the headteacher role is responsible for monitoring the work of the mentors – such as attendance, behaviour and assessment overviews. Users who are assigned as headteachers will see a new Headteacher tab in the top menu. "Headteacher" is a dynamic term, and can be changed on site level to whatever name you want by clicking Administration >> Supervisors >> Settings.

"Supervisor" is a collective label for mentors and the new headteacher role. So, if a user is both a mentor and a headteacher, the Mentor and Headteacher tabs are replaced with a Supervisor tab, which contains the mentor and headteacher administration tools. Users who are only mentors or headteachers will get a mentor or headteacher tab respectively.

Administrators are allowed to manage both roles from the Supervisor page. Also note that the profile setting Manage mentors is now called Supervisor management.

Administrators can now assign headteachers

Administrators can now add headteachers to organisations from the supervisor page. When adding a user to the headteacher role, you get an organisation selector instead of the hierarchy selector. Only organisations that the user is a member of will show up.

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