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What functionality is based on Java-like browser plugins, and what are our plans?

With the recent Google Chrome version 42 the ability to run Java applets and other similar browser plugins was removed as default (read more here). This is expected to be end of life entirely this autumn, and other browser vendors are following suit. 

So how will this affect the existing functionality? 

Please see below for other impacted functionality and related plans. The functionality that will continue as-is will be as before, in browsers with support for plugins.

Open / Edit / Save on Microsoft Windows

Open / Edit / Save on Microsoft Windows will be retired. 

The WebDAV method with the link to be pasted in the word processing software works on all browsers (this has been the only method available on non-Windows environments). This method does not require any additional installs.

A long term replacement will be with improved integration with cloud solutions, in the first instance Microsoft Office 365.

Update May 2016: When we announced last fall that we would be removing OES, you spoke up, and told us that this was a very important feature that many users depended on. We listened, and decided to try and find a new solution for your Open Edit Save needs.
We have now released a new Open / Edit / Save version that is not on Java-like browser plugins. Please see here for more information.

Equation (in Editor)

Has been replaced by MathJax.

File download in archive

Has been replaced with a new multiple downloader.

Sound recorder 

Workaround: As a user you can use recording functionality on your device and upload to Fronter.