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The itslearning platform plays an intricate role in Maria Blom´s teaching. Maria, who teaches Swedish and English at Växjö Fria Gymnasium in Växjö, Sweden, uses the learning platform every day.

Starting when she first powers up her computer in the morning and all the way up to late-night grading sessions, itslearning is always open on her desktop.

She uses the platform for everything from emailing students and setting assignments to linking to online resources and arranging online discussions. “I would not know how to go back to teaching without itslearning. I’m always logged onto itslearning. I find it very useful,” Maria says. See below for an outline of Maria´s typical day with itslearning.

itslearning typical day

Teacher goes online, improves learning experience for students

Maria BlomTeacher Maria Blom says she could not imagine teaching without itslearning. “I would not know how to go back to teaching without it,” said Maria, who teaches English and Swedish to Grades 10-12 at Växjö Fria Gymnasium (VFG).

Maria has not always been a big fan of online learning. When VFG implemented itslearning in 2003, time passed before she and her colleagues started using it in their teaching. “It was a process,” Maria explains. “At first, I didn’t use it as much. I used the notice board feature and used it to email my students. As we got into it we started to use it more. I was not much of a computer person before I started using it. But itslearning is very user friendly. I learned quite easily how to use it to improve my teaching.”

itslearning perfect for language courses

Maria Blom ClassroomMaria says itslearning optimises the learning experience for her students. The learning platform gives them easy access to spelling and grammar tools and online dictionaries. Maria even stopped using textbooks, opting instead for online resources that allowed her to tailor in-class discussions around current events. “It´s much better,” says Maria, who has been teaching since 1998. “Teaching with itslearning is more convenient. Plus, everyone gets the same information.”

Maria uses itslearning to email students, post PowerPoint presentations, arrange online discussions and set assignments. She also scans texts and provides links  to articles on itslearning. “I put the articles and texts in the course, and I make different files for different courses. My students hand in all their work on itslearning at the moment,” Maria says. “And this means I don’t have piles of paper crowding my desk.”

itslearning also takes over small organisational tasks, making Maria’s day easier. If she needs to change a classroom, for example, she can notify students by posting on the notice board or emailing.

Replacement teachers unnecessary

With itslearning, Maria often does not need a substitute teacher when she is sick. She posts assignments and instructions for students on itslearning, and asks a colleague to check on her students periodically to make sure they are studying. “I use itslearning in my everyday teaching all the time. It’s the first webpage I open on my computer in the morning. And when I´m sitting at my desk, I’m always logged onto itslearning. I find it very useful.”

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