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Product Updates

  • itslearning update 57 – February 2016

    New version of the text editor The editor, which is used all across itslearning, has the following changes: We've reorganised the buttons in the toolbar and ensured the same options are available everywhere. For example, it’s now possible to add video and audio recordings to Pages. It’s now easier to add third-party content, such as YouTube videos.

  • Software - Update 56 February - 2016

    The highlights of this release are: We're consolidating the Planner table/list views into a great new design; this will give our users multiple ways to work with the planner. We're introducing more improvements on the Final Course Assessment process, including improvements to Template Letters. It will now be possible to upload files to Course Folders directly from OneDrive for Business and OneDrive for Education.

  • Software-Update December-2014

    The last update this year focuses on time-saving enhancements, including improved support for templates in courses, individual learning plans and notification letters, as well as automatic activation of plans. In addition, we introduce more Dropbox and Google Drive options, allow parents to see course content and much more. Stop the time bandits!

  • Software update May 2014

    The first update this year continues our focus on responsive design and includes some brand new features we hope you will find useful. We think many of you will be excited about the calendar and Dropbox integration. We have also introduced a new local learning objective repository, a new and simple way of integrating apps, a new planner layout and much more.

  • Product Release September 2013

    With this release, we see the first important step in our move towards a great user experience on tablets and mobile phones, with the introduction of a new responsive top menu. We are also happy to introduce the Custom Activity, A new course element for tracking activities outside itslearning and several additional enhancements, such as the ability to embed video files from ‘My files’, improvements to the assessment record and the working portfolio, the ability to apply course templates to exist...

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