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Torill Evy Thune, Special adviser pedagogical use of ICT

System administrator itslearning
Rogaland County Council (RFK)
County Department of Education
Section upper secondary school

Civil engineer - building- NTH Trondheim (1984)
Formal education in pedagogical use of ICT (60 credits) - University in Stavanger (2001)
Lecturer in technical college 1984- 2007
Special adviser for itslearning and the digital school 2007 - present

Project manager for development projects in schools- with both teachers and students. Pedagogical use of O365, itslearning and more apps on Surface Pro3.
Project manager for training and continuing education of school administrators and teachers within pedagogical use of ICT. For example: we use free webinars for courses.

Responsible for arranging experience/sharing collections where teachers show other teachers examples of teaching with ICT. Interested in new technology and how it can help or/and enhance better learning for the students?

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