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Tore Ståhl, Head of IT, Arcada, Finland

Tore Ståhl is a former development manager in pedagogy at Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, and currently Head of IT. Arcada is one of two universities with Swedish as working language among Finland’s twenty-six universities of applied sciences.

Tore Ståhl has a background in health care and health education and several years of experience from teaching ICT, ever since ICT was introduced within education. He has more than ten years of experience of carrying strategic responsibility for developing the prerequisites for eLearning at Arcada including coordinating the development of an eLearning infrastructure. Besides promoting and developing eLearning locally at Arcada, he has participated in developing eLearning within the Finnish Online University of Applied Sciences network.

Tore Ståhl holds a master’s degree in education and since 2010 He is a doctoral student at University of Tampere. His research topic is about epistemic beliefs among so called digital natives. The concept of epistemic beliefs is about how an individual views her own knowledge and learning. In his thesis work he will explore if and how the epistemic beliefs of digital natives differ from that of previous generations, which also includes defining digital natives.

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