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Three teachers, three winners, three easy tech teaching techniques

At itslearning we celebrate teachers who use innovative teaching methods to motivate and engage their students. One of the ways we do this is by awarding itslearning User of the Year awards in different countries. The award is given to a teacher who uses our platform and other digital teaching tools in a way that improves learning results for his/her students.

This year the Norwegian jury deciding the winner faced a dilemma. The top three contenders for the prize were equally strong candidates. Johanne Nordhagen, Kari Torp Manengen and Even Nedberg all use the platform to improve student outcomes. They help colleagues adopt new technology, use the platform to improve student access to learning materials and use digital tools to help student grasp complex learning concepts. So this year they shared first prize.

Guiding students to success

itslearning User of the Year Johanne Nordhagen, language teacher at Hamar Katedralskole secondary school

Johanne publishes assessment criteria for her students on itslearning. Using the national standards as a basis, she breaks them down into smaller, more general criteria. “Assessment criteria is a very useful itslearning tool. I publish the criteria because students need to know what goal they are working towards and how to get there,” she says. “It also allows teachers to discuss criteria with their students. It’s good to be able to point out to students what they do great and what they need to improve. The students really appreciate this. Presenting the assessment criteria this way is very clear to them.”

Why Johanne likes to use itslearning in a nutshell

“I use itslearning because it is fun. It is so good for the students to find useful information when they want to study and make progress in the subject. I try to give my students the best teaching I can. itslearning is not only a place to store important information. I also know that my students are going to find the information they need in order to improve their learning outcomes,” Johanne said.

An Increased focus on learning

itslearning User of the Year Kari Torp Manengen, a Grade 10 math teacher at Øyer lower secondary school


As a math teacher, Kari has experienced the benefits of using itslearning and other digital tools. “There are a lot of benefits to trying different teaching methods. Teachers using modern methods engage their students to a greater extent. It makes them more eager to learn, and it puts more emphasis on learning,” she said.

Why Kari likes to use itslearning in a nutshell

“At Øyer, teachers use the platform for everything from sharing each other’s lesson plans to tests and assignments. We would not manage without it,” she says. “Schools can not be left behind using paper and pens when the rest of the society is digital. We have to keep up to date. I also try to use a lot of the possibilities in itslearning in my own teaching. In recent years I have used itslearning in my assessment work. My students really appreciate that. They like knowing where they are in their learning process and what they need to do in order to evolve.”

itslearning hub for ’digitally indiscriminate’ teacher

itslearning User of the Year Even Nedberg, a math teacher and Vice Principal at Belset lower secondary school

In Even Nedberg’s flipped classroom, students study math theory at home and work on problems at school where he can give them personalized instruction. He records himself explaining math theory before embedding the clips into the itslearning planner. “The students use my videos. Two days before an exam one of my videos got 300 views. I only have 60 students, so this means some students watched them twice or even three times. I also notice that the test results are better than in previous classes that were not flipped.

“The bottom line is that the flipped classroom has given me more time with my students. I have less papers floating round, and I have the ability to use other teachers’ resources. At the end of the day, this translates into better teaching and more motivated students.”

Why Even likes to use itslearning in a nutshell

“I am digitally indiscriminate. I use a lot of different tools. If I like them I will use them a lot. And students have one place to find these tools: on itslearning. That’s the hub where students go to access the tools I choose,” he says.

itslearning would like to congratulate all three winners for their excellent contributions to educational best practice. Best of luck in the upcoming teaching year!

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