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"I am digitally indiscriminate. I use a lot of different teaching tools. And students have one place to find these tools: on itslearning. That’s the hub where students go to access the tools I choose."

Even Nedberg, math teacher and principal at Belset lower secondary school, Norway

Helinium, The Netherlands

For the Dutch language course at vmbo level, the itslearning learning platform will, among other things, be used to host digital exams. Joop Hop, Dutch teacher and itslearning coordinator at the Helinium, has completely stopped using paper exams for this purpose.

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Växjö Fria Gymnasium, Sweden

Swedish school's all-digital approach breaking boundaries. Building 21st century skills, flipping the classroom and 24/7 digital library. See why Växjö Fria Gymnasium is online all the time with itslearning.

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Växjö Fria Gymnasium, Maria's typical day, Sweden

The itslearning platform plays an intricate role in Maria Blom´s teaching. Maria, who teaches Swedish and English at Växjö Fria Gymnasium in Växjö, Sweden, uses the learning platform every day. Starting when she first powers up her computer in the morning and all the way up to late-night grading sessions, itslearning is always open on her desktop.

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Nesbru Upper Secondary School, Norway

Students in the International Baccalaureate program at Nesbru upper secondary school learn what teacher Tor Øyvind Andersen calls ‘international-mindedness’.

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Lambert High School, US

Marketing students at Lambert High School can access class notifications anytime and anywhere with itslearning bulletins.

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Otwell Middle School, US

Students at Otwell Middle school learn math and literature concepts using the popular video game Minecraft, with itslearning as the hub.

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