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"itslearning offered a safe and protected environment for students to learn about blogging, including how to blog and its purpose."

Angana Ghate, Grade 4 teacher at Shiloh Point Elementary, USA

Apeltun Primary School, Norway

Teachers and parents at Apeltun Primary School began using the parent portal in September 2010. Six months on, the teachers share their impressions of the portal and the parents’ reaction.

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Eastfield Primary School, UK

At Eastfield Primary School in the UK, the children sing along to rap songs about fractions, record video news stories for their journalism course and show their parents videos of their achievements when they get home.

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Skjold Primary School, Norway

At Skjold Primary School in Norway, the grade 4 classroom is a picture of teaching in the 21st century, where the Internet plays a major role in the classroom.

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Manor Primary School, UK

Eight months after getting itslearning, teachers and pupils of Manor Primary School in Devon are all using it on a weekly or daily basis. The platform has become an essential working tool and a fun place to work, play, share and learn.

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Shiloh Point Elementary, US

itslearning offered a safe and protected environment for grade 4 students in Shiloh Point Elementary to learn about blogging.

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Affinity Teaching School Alliance, UK

Learn how how Affinity turned to itslearning to create a professional development network connecting its teachers that are spread over a large geographic area.

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