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Inspirational stories by teachers harnessing the power of itslearning

At the intersection of ICT and pedagogical practice, itslearning facilitates the flow of information between the online and physical classrooms, serving as a bridge connecting these two learning arenas. But what does this bridge look like? What sort of information gets exchanged? The success stories on these pages provide an answer.

Though the location and sector may differ the stories share a common theme: Teachers harnessing the power of digital tools to improve teaching and learning. Such as the teacher who uses itslearning to bridge cultural differences, or the professor who created an online testing system that saves his students time and money.

Examples of the interactions in the intangible space between the physical and online abound and are as unique and insightful as the teacher who makes them possible. In a digital age we believe this is where learning happens.

Learn about the possibilities.

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