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Student evaluation module - In Development

Student evaluation module - In Development

The Student evaluation module (SEM) is a flexible evaluation tool for teachers to make yearly (or shorter period) evaluation report of the student. The SEM works as a tool for communicating the status of a student to the parents and the student itself.

The teacher (or admin) can build a template for the report out of different building blocks/ components. These can be blocks providing data from assessments made in itslearning, data from national goals and simple empty text fields.

The teacher will then edit and publish the report that holds the automated content. Parents and student will be able to comment on the report.

 In Denmark this report is build up around the national goals and used as basis for a yearly talk to the parents of the student.

The SEM can be used for other kinds of evaluation reports since it is flexible in the manner the template is build out of components.

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