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Stop dates for imports in Norway, Malta, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Germany and the UK

To avoid integrations running over the summer when there are partial data for the new school year in the MISs, we are stopping the imports on specific dates based on the country.

The dates are as follows:

  • 04.07.2016 Norway
  • 11.07.2016 Malta
  • 25.07.2016 Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Germany
  • 01.08.2016 United Kingdom


Exceptions are:

  • Cambridge UK
  • c2kschools UK
  • vumcacademy Netherlands
  • summacollege Netherlands
  • sosusj Denmark
  • uia Norway
  • uio Norway
  • hsh Norway
  • oa Norway
  • hifm Norway
  • hih Norway
  • hihm Norway
  • hil Norway
  • himolde Norway
  • hint Norway
  • hioa Norway
  • hit Norway
  • hve Norway
  • hiof Norway
  • umb Norway
  • mf Norway
  • hials Norway
  • hig Norway
  • hisf Norway
  • hivolda Norway
  • nih Norway
  • nmbu Norway
  • ntnu Norway
  • uin Norway
  • uit Norway
  • ujk Norway

If you do not want your import to stop on the set date please contact Fronter Support.