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    Tore Ståhl, Head of IT, Arcada, Finland

    Tore Ståhl is a former development manager in pedagogy at Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, and currently Head of IT. Arcada is one of two universities with Swedish as working language among Finland’s twenty-six universities of applied sciences.

    Tore Ståhl has a background in health care and health education and several years of experience from teaching ICT, ever since ICT was introduced within education. He has more than ten years of experience of carrying strategic responsibility for developing the prerequisites for eLearning at Arcada including coordinating the development of an eLearning infrastructure. Besides promoting and developing eLearning locally at Arcada, he has participated in developing eLearning within the Finnish Online University of Applied Sciences network.

    Tore Ståhl holds a master’s degree in education and since 2010 He is a doctoral student at University of Tampere. His research topic is about epistemic beliefs among so called digital natives. The concept of epistemic beliefs is about how an individual views her own knowledge and learning. In his thesis work he will explore if and how the epistemic beliefs of digital natives differ from that of previous generations, which also includes defining digital natives.

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    Marie Spetz, Pedagogical Development Project Manager, City of Helsingborg, Sweden

    She has been actively involved in implementing digital tools in Swedish schools since 1998. She spent 5 years working with the Fronter platform consulting teachers and schools how to achieve educational outcomes. Since 2011, she has been working as a pedagogical development consultant for Helsingborgs Stad. She is passionate about well-being, health and fitness.

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    Ann Michaelsen, Assistant Principal, Sandvika High School, Norway

    Responsible for educational development at Sandvika high school. Have been working actively with the educational use of technology since the school was established in 2006. The school started with laptops for all the students before this became the norm for all high schools in Norway. We were pioneers in Norway in the use of computers and teaching without textbooks. We established a national network called "Del og Bruk" and worked systematically to encourage a culture of sharing at our school. I have also worked actively with external partners and have on several occasions been invited to contribute at conferences organised by among others the Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education and Education Directorate of Norway. Responsible Project Manager at our annual Sandvika conference for 10 years with many famous international keynote speakers. Was primarily
    responsible for Sandvika's participation in "Microsoft Innovative School Program" in Brazil in 2009 , and invited back to host a workshop at Microsoft's event in South Africa 2010. Initiated the Norwegian participation in Connected educators month in 2014.

    See more info here:

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    Linda Therese Aasgaard Johnsen, Head of Department, Educational Technology University of Oslo

    Linda has years of experience in the field of educational technology and has continuously been engaged in building bridges between pedagogy, new technology and digitization.

    Her department delivers counselling, faculty training and networking events toward university teachers, administrators and leaders. They also work closely with faculty in projects with pedagogical and technological outcomes. In their operational activities and in their strategic inputs, the department is contributing to push the university forward in their digitization processes.  

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    Beatriz Arnillas, Director IT- Education Technology, Houston School District, USA

    Beatriz started her career as a teacher, first in K12 and later as an art studio professor in Higher Education, and her research on non-toxic printmaking led her work to digital media and education technology. She is a key leader in the following Houston Independent School District programs: the 1:1 high school initiative called PowerUp, Houston’s selection and implementation of ItsLearning, the Privacy and Online Safety Campaign, the introduction to Google Apps for Education, and the implementation of digital content interoperability standards, which have populated Houston's ItsLearning digital library with more then 1 ½ million learning objects from over 30 different providers. Beatriz has published articles and blogs about digital content interoperability, digital privacy and online safety, and "bi-modal IT" for CoSN and EdTech Magazine, and has received awards for her work at Houston ISD.  She is a member of EdSurge's "50 States," and is one of the 40 Intel Global Education Visionaries (2016). Beatriz Chairs IMS Global's K12 Institutional Executive Board and the Learning Counsel's "Digital Curriculum Characteristics Committee." In addition, Beatriz serves as advisory board member in Common Sense Education, and is a member of the CoSN's emerging technologies committee.   

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itslearning Speakers

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    Nils Viken, itslearning Managing Director, Norway

    Nils Viken is currently the Managing Director of Itslearning/Fronter Norway and has worked in a range of senior management roles since joining Itslearning in 2008. He’s passionate about improving education and loves meeting customers to discuss their educational aspirations. He is looking forward to hosting the customer panel at this year’s conference and facilitating a great discussion on professional development strategies.   Read More...

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    Torgeir Lyngstad

    Torgeir Lyngstad is the Director of Engineering for the Fronter platform.  In this role he is responsible for product strategy, development, operations and global support for Fronter.  He is also responsible for all Mobile Application development in itslearning.   Read More...

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    Matti Aarnio, Educational Consultant, itslearning Finland

    Matti Aarnio, Ph.D. has extensive experience from improving student-centered and collaborative learning methods and the use of ICT in education. Matti has mostly worked with teachers and experts in universities, healthcare organizations and elementary schools.   Read More...

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    Charlotte Moeller-Andersen, VP Sales Europe, itslearning

    Charlotte studied at the Copenhagen Business School where she received a Bachelor's in International Business, and an Master of Science in Business Administration. Before coming to itslearning, she was the CEO/Nordic Country Manager at Experian. Prior to that, Charlotte held various leadership positions at Dun & Bradstreet.   Read More...

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    Arne Bergby - CEO itslearning

    Arne Bergby joined us in January 2004. As CEO, Arne has developed itslearning into Europe’s leading learning platform provider. Prior to itslearning, Arne served as managing director of Tieto, one of the largest ICT companies in Europe.   Read More...

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    John Arthur Berg, Chief Product Officer, itslearning

    During his computer engineering studies at Bergen University College, John Arthur co-wrote the prototype software that later became the original itslearning platform. He has seen the company grow from just a handful of people to hundreds of employees. This massive growth might have something to do with his unwavering love for achieving a customer experience that matches the awesomeness of our users.   Read More...

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Christian Rothhardt, Media and Pedagogy, City of Munich, Germany
Cath Gunn, Deputy Principal, West Herts College, UK
Gill Worgan, Principal and Chief Executive, West Herts College, UK
Ragnhild Holm, Assistant Professor, Norwegian Police University College, Norway
Emanuel Grech, Chief Information Officer, Department of Education, Malta
Gaetano Bugeja, Director, Curriculum Management, Department of Education Malta
Sverre Wilhelmsen, IT Function Leader, Rogaland County Schools, Norway
Oystein Johannessen, Chief Executive, Nordland County Council, Norway
Arild Rekve, Director of Education Department, City of Kristiansand, Norway
Phillip Kaspersen, Advisor, Vest-Agder County Schools, Norway
Marjo Kyllönen, Acting Head of Basic Education, City of Helsinki, Finland
Pasi Silander, Digitalisation Lead, City of Helsinki, Finland
Linda Farestveit, Head of School Section, Hordaland County, Norway
Paula Hyytiäinen, Head of Education and Pedagogy, Helsinki Business College Ltd, Finland
Marikka Korhonen, Vice principal, Espoo city, Finland
Mirja Pirinen, Principal, City of ESPOO, Finland
Urban Karlsson, Planning Manager - Gymnasieförvaltning, Sweden
Heli Huotari, Vice Principal Helsinki Business College, Finland
Irene Lennemyr Winkler, Head of Upper Secondary School and Adult education City of Karlstad Sweden
Joakim Falkeborn, Technician, Internet Manager, Municipal purchaser, Educator Xenter Botkyrka, Botkyrka kommun
Torill Evy Thune, Special adviser pedagogical use of ICT
Ole Wongraven, ICT-advisor, Kristiansand kommune, Norway
Kjetil Brathetland, Senior Advisor Hordaland County Administration, Norway

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