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Software update October 2012

In this update we are happy to present a brand new test tool for the early learner interface, as well as offering improved user experience when using the planner, learning objectives iOS-based devices and registrations.

New early learner test tool

The test tool is now available in the early learner interface. Based on the test tool in the standard version, the early learner test tool has ten question types and a user interface that makes it easy for the junior learners to take test and receive automatic feedback. Take a look at the video to see how it works.

The results are presented with as little details as possible, but still with a clear focus on the two most important aspects – score and result. It is presented in a fun way - giving the pupil drawings and animation to emphasis the result. The star gives the user a visual to the result, that they might not are able to understand. Correct or partly correct answers give them a golden star, empty star means not correct. Read more about the early learner test tool.

Learning objective make over

In this update, the way learning objectives are presented in a new and improved way. When hovering over a learning objective, the description will be shown in a tool tip.

If an element with a learning objective connected to it is moved to another course, it automatically imports the learning objective to the new course. We’ve also made it easier to remove linked learning objectives.

Read more about learning objectives in the help.

Print your registrations

Since its introduction in April, the registration tool has proved popular, but many have asked for a way to print the registrations. A simple click of the mouse now opens a print friendly CSV file with all the registrations. Although the button says View in Excel, the file can be viewed in any other application that can open CSV files.

We’ve also made it possible for participants to edit their choices after they have registered.

Read more about the registrations in the help.

More compact planner

This time we’ve improved the presentation of the table view of the planner. You will now notice a more compact view of the planner, with less white space.

Previously, media objects did not show in the table view of the planner, but now a placeholder is shown that indicate for the learner that the lesson contains multimedia – such as pictures, sound, video or flash. Did you know that it was possible to drag and drop lessons, activities and resources to rearrange them?

Have you accidently deleted a planner lesson? A new trash can tab has been added to the course trash can as a last chance saloon for deleted elements. Deleted elements can either be restored or permanently deleted.

Read more about the planner in the help.

Calendar and lessons

It’s now possible to add lesson from a timetable. When lessons are added to the calendar, you can now use these lessons to set the deadline of an assignment. Not only can the deadline be set with the date picker highlighting the lessons for that course, this deadline is also automatically updated if this lesson is, for example, moved to another day.

It’s also possible to use lessons to set deadlines for tests. Better support for iOS We are seeing an increased use of iOS devices among our users (iOS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. and used on iPad, iPods and iPhones). Our goal is that the itslearning experience should be great no matter which device you are using. In this update, we are offering improved user experience when using iOS based devices. iOS users can now get the full benefit of our new rich text editor across most of itslearning, and iOS 6 users will be able to upload content from their camera roll directly using the built-in safari web browser.

Read more about the possibilities of itslearning and iOS 6.

Upload Camera Roll Contents from iOS 6 Devices
iOS 6 devices can now upload content directly from the Camera Roll (the access to the camera’s gallery of images) from the Safari web browser. Read more in the itslearning and iOS 6 article.

Rich text editing
Our iOS users have experienced some problems when using the rich text editor. We have now redesigned elements that include the rich text editor so that mobile devices will open the editor in a pop-up window, reducing the issues setting focus on the text field.

With this change, the rich text editor becomes available on iOS devices across the entire platform, with the exception of Notes, Surveys, Tests (creating and editing tests) and Dashboard content blocks.

Hyvää Suomi! Türkiye Merhaba! Hola México!

We are happy to introduce two new languages in itslearning. Users can now enjoy Finnish and Turkish user interface language and help. In addition, a new setting for Mexican standards and formats has been added to My settings >> Customise itslearning.

Release webinar

Do you want more in-depth information about the new update? Watch the release webinar


A number of issues have been corrected. Read more about the most important corrections (pdf, English only).

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