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Software update June 2013

Since the update last month we've been working to improve learning objective assessment, assessment record functionality, and course copying features. We're also happy to introduce several additional enhancements including the ability to embed audio from ‘My files’ into instructional content and enhancements to ‘My library’. Lastly, we've also removed the frames from itslearning.

The update with all the new and exciting features will begin on June 27th and all sites will be upgraded within 24 hours. Here's what you can expect:

Farewell frames!

For the technically inclined, we're happy to announce that frames are now a thing of the past in itslearning. Although the user interface remains largely unchanged, the new frameless design makes it possible to have multiple courses open in the same browser. The new solution is iframe-based and will improve usability and accessibility and serve as a basis for our planned move towards responsive design – a web interface that will function and display efficiently on all devices including desktop monitors, tablets, and mobile devices.

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Easier to embed sound in content

A new audio player now makes it easier to embed audio files into instructional content in itslearning. Simply click the green embed-icon to embed the file into your content when using the Insert >> File from ‘My files’ in the rich-text editor,. You can also click the preview icon to listen to the file.

Read more about using audio and video in the help.

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Course templates and course copying

In the previous release we introduced the ability to copy courses and create course templates. These features have now been improved by adding the option to copy planners and learning objectives.

Learn more about course copying in the help.

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Planner visible to other mentors and teachers

As a further development to the aggregated planner, teachers and mentors now have the ability to view a complete, weekly plan for a student. A teacher can now see what other teachers have planned in other courses as well. This feature can also indicate the workload for individual students, providing teachers with a valuable overview of what is being taught.

Read more about the planner in the help.

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Improvements to the assessment record

Decimal score and percentage for all assessment types
Now you can use a two decimal score on assignments and custom assessments and in the assessment record. The decimals now appear in assignments, tests, manual columns in assessment records, custom activities and everywhere else the score is visible (for example, in assessment records, reports, lists etc.)

Score is displayed in the completed activities content block
The completed activities content block now shows score.

Restrict editing permissions
A new profile setting called Manage assessment record allows you to configure the assessment record permissions for the users in a course. The setting has three options:

  • No access: student does not have access to a management view of the assessment record, but can see their personal assessment records.
  • Manage assessments: the user can add columns, change custom assessments, weighting on individual assessments and export.
  • Manage assessments and settings: the user has full control of the assessment record

Learn more about using the assessment record in the help.

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Learning objective assessment

In our most recent releases, we’ve improved the use of learning objectives, as well as introduced criteria-based assessment. Continued enhancements featured in this release include a system for reporting on the progress on learning objectives.

A progress report now shows the current status on each learning objective for a class or a single student. In addition, the report can display whether an objective has been mastered. Each organisation within the site can define their own interpretation of mastery in the report settings.

A new setting, Manage settings for learning-objectives reports is available from the Admin page. A system administrator will have the ability to set or change the report settings for all organisations in the hierarchy.

Default achievement levels
In the previous release we introduced four default achievement levels. Now we've made it possible to set up default achievement settings per organisation as part of the learning objectives report settings.

All new courses (from the same organisation) will get the default levels from the report settings, but teacher can make changes within their own courses. Changes to the default achievement levels will not affect existing courses.

Learning objectives progress report
When you have learning objectives enabled for your course, you will now see the report Learning objectives progress report in Status and follow-up. This report shows the progress on each learning objective for all students.

Copying assessment criteria
When copying an element with a learning objective connected to it, such as an assignment, these objectives will also be copied to the selected course, along with any assessment criteria. This enables you to reuse the assessment rubric in the target course.

Learn more about learning objectives in the help.

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My library enhancements

Sharable resources, such as pages and files/links can now be added to a course and shared directly with the library.

In order to improve the process of adding metadata to extensions, we have also made the edit metadata page more user-friendly.

Learn more about My library in the help.

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User administration and hierarchy tab

The hierarchy tab for edit person (user administration) has been optimised and the layout has been slightly revamped to make it similar to the 'Find hierarchy' page.

The ‘User administration’ page has been improved to display only users with administrative priviledges.

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Minor changes

  • File and link elements are now included in the storage report and the site statistics and assessment trend reports are now faster.
  • The Conference and Page tools are now out of beta and the beta labels have been removed.

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A number of bugs and issues have been resolved. Read more about the latest bug fixes (pdf).

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