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Software-Update December-2014

The last update this year focuses on time-saving enhancements, including improved support for templates in courses, individual learning plans and notification letters, as well as automatic activation of plans. In addition, we introduce more Dropbox and Google Drive options, allow parents to see course content and much more.

Stop the time bandits!


A time-saving method for populating courses with settings and content, the course template feature has been updated with even more functionality. We now offer the option to course templates to multiple courses simultaneously.

To save set-up time and facilitate use of templates, we've added a similar workflow to individual learning plans (ILP). When creating or editing an ILP you can now choose to start with a template plan that has been shared. You can also choose to share your plans as templates with other mentors on your school or even your school district.

Finally, to make it easier to schedule plans, you can now activate plans based on their start date, two days in advance, one week in advance or two weeks in advance. With a simple click it's also possible to activate connected elements when the plan is activated.

Watch videos about the course template, ILP template and planner updates.

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More Dropbox and new Google Drive options


Teachers and students can now upload files from Dropbox into assignments or assignment answers. We're also happy to announce that you now can upload files directly from your Google Drive when adding a file or link in a course or in the Library.

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Improvements to profile pictures


A profile picture makes the itslearning experience more personal. Now it's easier to upload, crop and scale profile pictures. We've taken the liberty to adapt your existing profile picture to make sure it fits the new format.

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New report for cross-subject learning objectives

There's a new report available in the student’s personal profile and homepage that shows all assessed learning objectives across all courses. This overview, which is also viewable by mentors and parents, makes it easier to follow the progress on learning objectives that are used in several courses. You can filter this report on subject and status, allowing you to see which objectives a student struggles with, or how a student performs in one or more subjects.

See the aggregated report demonstrated in a video.

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Course content now visible for parents


Parents can now view most course content – such as assignments, tests and files – from the Tasks and Planner blocks. Exceptions include discussions and some publisher content which are unavailable at this time because of privacy and permissions issues.

Administrators are allowed to choose at the organisation level whether to allow parents to see assignments, readings, and other activities and resources in their children's courses.

Watch a video to see the changes.

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Rate and review Library content


You can now rate and review content you add from the Library. The rating and reviews appear in search results.

We've also made it easier to share content directly from a course via the cog wheel icon. By default the resource will only be available to you, but you can simply choose to make it available to your school, your site or the whole itslearning community.

Watch a video about the changes in the library.

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The message drop-down in the top menu is now updated with several improvements:

  • The list now displays recent messages, not just unread.
  • The message subject now shows in the list.
  • Profile pictures are displayed in the message drop-down list.
  • The counter is updated and status is immediately set to read when messages are opened.
  • Clicking a message in the drop-down displays the entire message.

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Create and edit notification letters

We are now introducing an option for administrators to customise the letters templates used to generate warning letters from the attendance and behaviour modules. You can also make your own letters.

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Explaining sequences a thing of the past

The explaining sequence feature has been removed from itslearning. Existing explaining sequences have been replaced with a file element with the same name.

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Other changes

New font

To improve readability, the user interface now uses the Open Sans font which is designed and optimised for the screen.

Activation toggle in courses

It's now easier to activate elements in the folder view in courses with a new Yes/No toggle.

Links and embedding

Because itslearning is running in a safe environment (HTTPS), unsecure links (HTTP) do not always display properly inside itslearning. To solve this we're now treating HTTP and HTTPS links differently. HTTPS links can still be embedded (meaning that the link will open inside itslearning), but HTTP links can no longer be embedded and will instead be shown as a link.

Resource booking

It’s now easier to get started with resource booking. See how to use resource booking on your site in this video.

Administrators with many courses and performance

Some administrators are members of great many courses and this have caused performance issues for some of these admins. To address this, we have removed courses that haven't been visited in the last two months from the favourites. This will only apply for users who are member of many courses.

Recurring calendar events

We've added an end date for recurring calendar events, as well as allowing recurrence for multi-day events, automatic selection of the start day, and some user experience improvements to the Repeat section.

Personal notifications

Students will now receive a personal notification when a teacher has assessed a test attempt.

See a video on all the minor changes.


48 issues have been corrected, of which these are the most important (pdf file).

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