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Software update April 2012

In the second release this year we're happy to introduce a new course tool called 'registrations' that allows teachers to create events their students can register for. We have also focused on improving the planner, video quality and the app library, in addition to many other exciting updates.

Note: Whereas in the past we updated all sites simultaneously, we will now start updating groups of sites. The update starts on 26 April and all sites should be updated the following week.

New course tool: Registrations

Whether you need an overview of participants and activities on a sports day or who has volunteered to do what in the school play, registrations provide the perfect tool. Teachers can create a list of options for which participants can register. After participants register, the teacher gets a list with information about what they have registered for, when they registered and why they registered for that particular option (optional).

See how it works:

Read more about registrations in the help.

Plan more efficiently

A key aspect of effective teaching is having a plan for each lesson. As well as deciding which lessons to make visible to participants, teachers can now select multiple lessons for quick deletion, activation or deactivation. While the content block on the dashboard is limited to current lessons and lessons that will be activated in the near future, participants will benefit from a table view with filtering options when clicking Planner in the tree menu.

See how it works:

Read more about what's new in the planner in the help.

Better video quality

The video recorder is frequently used by both teachers and learners. Teachers can record lessons and tutorials and learners can submit homework assignments and practice their oral skills. The quality of recorded videos has now been improved. Note that video files are slightly larger as a result of the quality improvement.

See the difference!

Old version

New version

Read more about using video and sound in the help.

Easier to find apps

Creating content is easier using some of the current itslearning apps. Browse the app library today to find just the tool you need. As the number of apps grows, we've added search functionality to make locating the app you're looking for easier.

Better participant management in courses

The course participants' page has been improved with a checkbox feature that makes removing and selecting participants easier when sending messages and emails. A new 'Action' column makes it possible to remove and edit the role of participants manually added to a course, as well as giving the teacher instant access to the participant's assessment record and attendance page.

Updated colour pickers

To provide users with a coherent experience when selecting colours, the colour picker has now been updated throughout itslearning to replicate that of the dashboard.

Parent dashboard

It's now possible to have the parent dashboard as a landing page when logging in (if the parent has more than one child, the first child's dashboard is selected). Administrators can edit this setting in the Profile or Policy (select 'Parent dashboard' as the 'Default dashboard').

Updates to resource booking

In the previous release we introduced resource booking. We've now corrected some inconsistencies:

  • If the user loses permissions to a booked resource, he will retain the booked resources but will not be able to book the resource for new activities.
  • If the organisation of the resources has been changed, the user will lose booked resources.
  • If a user who has booked resources is deleted, the resource bookings he made are removed.
  • If an organisation is deleted, all resources and related bookings are removed.
  • Resources can no longer be connected to a hierarchy, only to an organisation.

Users who have access to resource booking can now see which resources they or the course teachers booked in the calendar:

  • Day view: resource icon + label with list of resources on activities that have bookings.
  • Week and month views: resource icon + tooltip with list of resources on activities that have bookings.
  • Search tab: an additional column in the results grid with a list of resources for activities that have bookings.

Forwarding internal messages

The Forward internal messages to e-mail setting for Site profiles has been reintroduced at the request of customers who are heavy users of the email system and want to ensure that all internal messages are delivered to their users' email accounts. This profile setting can be enabled or disabled. This change, which only applies to newly-created users, will not affect existing users.

Setting for hierarchy structure visibility

Previously all users could see a site's hierarchy structure. A new setting under Global settings >> Features and security allows administrators to set visibility restrictions for hierarchies based on user schools. A setting for course synchronisation with all/course-organisation-only hierarchies was also added.

Changes to IMS Enterprise

Some customers have a need for frequent re-synchronisation in the IMS import system. To solve this, a new option has been added that enables automatic resynchronisation. Filtering protection has been preserved – causing import stop when % level of changes is exceeded.

The IMS-E import processes have been extended to allow XSLT to be applied to the whole import file. This means that XSLT can be applied on element sets across the whole import as opposed to single elements on import. This can be turned on and off.

Changes to the assessment record

The assessment record has been improved with several enhancements and changes.

Automatic calculation of final grades

Final assessments connected to a term can now get grades automatically through the new 'Calculate average' button under Final assessments.

Other changes to the assessment record

  • The sum of weights are now shown on the 'Weighting' page
  • The participant view has changed slightly when using average.
  • When a term is deleted (hidden) all corresponding assessments for the term are also hidden. This includes:
    • the filter option in the assessment record
    • the final assessment in the assessment record
    • the personal assessment report
  • If a term is restored, any final assessments in the assessment records will also be restored.
  • Changes made while a term is being deleted will replace the existing data (for example, assigning an element to a term will replace the old term assignment). When a term is restored, only the untouched data will be restored.

Internet Explorer 7 no longer supported

To speed up development, enhance security and improve the user experience we plan to begin phasing out support of Internet Explorer 7.0 in April 2012. Read more

Minor changes

  • The link for Show all bulletins was moved below the header on project start-pages.
  • The Test-Mode Browser is now officially out of beta.
  • When a user receives an email generated by itslearning, it will be clear from which site the email was generated.
  • It's now possible to keep attendance from the person profile.
  • Tests: the progress bar that shows a participant's result compared to other participants has been removed.


We have also addressed many other issues. Read the details (pdf)

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