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Software update: 15 April 2010

A new version of itslearning has been released. The most important news includes a new parent dashboard, and a new library, which are described in separate blog entries. The other news is described below. In addition to the new features we have made almost 150 enhancements and corrections.

Hierarchy spring clean up

Sites and administrators are already notified about the forthcoming hierarchy spring clean up. The following actions will be performed:

  • Restrictions on hierarchy type:
    • Only the root hierarchy can be defined as a site
    • A school cannot be placed under a school
  • A local administrator at a school can no longer see users on other schools

School autonomy

The idea behind school autonomy is to make the schools more independent from each other – for example if a site consists of a local authority with several independent schools.

As a result, administrators are now only allowed to see and manage courses and mentors in the organisations in which they are administrators. Mentors are only able to see elements – such as users and ILPs – at their own hierarchy level.

When managing projects, administrators are only allowed to see projects in the sites or schools in which they have 'manage projects' permission.

It is now possible to add a hierarchy level to a courses and projects. This allows courses and projects to be filtered or displayed according to organisation, for example 'site' or 'school'. When a course is imported, the school is assigned automatically. Site administrators can filter policies by organisation level.


When a local administrator enters a site with school autonomy enabled, only elements from the local school are shown in Administration >> Trashcan.


Others are renamed to Guests in eSafety.

Show dashboard and main page simultaneously

The main page is discontinued and replaced by the dashboard 31 December 2010. Administrators are notified about this in a message in Administration >> Profiles. To provide administrators with time to move content from the main page to the dashboards, it is now possible to display the old main page and new dashboard simultaneously. To enable both the dashboard and main page for a profile, click Administration >> Profiles >> Edit profile, and check the Main page and Dashboard boxes under Profile functionality.


Teacher task list

The task list for teachers which was missing from the course dashboard after the last release is now available as a content block.

Task list for students via REST API

An API is created where portals can retrieve a list of tasks for a specific user. Supports paging.

Beta functionality

If new functionality is tagged as in beta, users are allowed to provide feedback on the functionality. The feedback is automatically sent to our idea portal – via Google translate if users choose to comment on languages other than English.



An important milestone has been reached as Lynchpin is now officially certified and integrated with itslearning. Lynchpin is an interoperability system that moves data from a school's MIS system, and automatically creates amends, populates or delete accounts in itslearning. It also has the ability to work with other SIF compliant online systems. Read more about Lynchpin.


Behaviour is enabled for all customers. Teachers and mentors can now delete incorrect behaviour remarks, or flag them as erroneous.

Individual learning plans

Mentors are now allowed to have several different current plans for each learner, and have one progress bar visible for each plan.


It is now possible to add an introduction to discussions. This allows teachers to provide introductory comments or questions when adding discussions.


Test 2.0

A new feature makes it possible for teachers to change manual assessments in test 2.0 at whatever time.


Until now, Espresso has been available for all sites in the UK. It is now possible to enable or disable Espresso via a site setting. In addition it is possible to grant students access to Clipbank and Espresso content. If enabled, Espresso and Clipbank are available as a content block.


The performance of readPersonForGroup and readGroupsForPerson is now radically improved. As a result, the number of timeouts will hopefully be reduced.

Hierarchy distribution lists

Users are now provided with an extended amount of distribution lists.

Cloud e-mail

The itslearningmail.com domain is discontinued and replaced by edumail.org. Schools can have edumail.org enabled by request. The edumail.org domain does not support filtering on reading.

Internet Explorer 6 and other outdated browsers

As previously mentioned, we will discontinue support for Internet Explorer 6 and other older browsers. Users on these browsers will now see a message in the interface asking them to upgrade.

TV 2 Skole

TV 2 Skole has been discontinued and is removed from itslearning.


Vendors can now use rich-text in the long description metadata field when adding and editing extensions. It is also possible to add volume licensing for schools or sites in different markets. Example: Set a price for 0–9999 users, but give a discount for schools or sites with more than 10 000 users.


Almost 150 bugs are addressed. Click here to download a PDF document with all the fixes.

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