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itslearning has a wide variety of resources available to better acquaint you with
our organisation and award-winning learning management system.

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Webinars offer outstanding opportunities to learn more about itslearning with the added convenience of attending at home or at work. For a list of upcoming webinars in your area, or to review a list of previous recordings, visit your regional website.

Regional webinar topics include:

  • Personalised Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Standards Mastery & Recommendation Engine
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Flipped Classroom
  • Maximising Teacher Effectiveness

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Teaching Multiple Intelligences

How can time-pressed teachers add variety to their teaching and appeal to learners who learn in different ways?

Student-centric teaching

Empower your students to be creators rather than consumers.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning and the student success imperative

Blended Learning

Many educators believe that blended learning is the best solution to today's educational challenges.

12 Key Benefits

How learning platforms support the business of teaching and learning.

10 Principles for E-learning

E-learning cost-effectively improves learning experiences beyond those available in the classroom.

The Blended Classroom

How can you use opportunities afforded by technology to improve the learning experience?

Assessment for Learning

How can teachers use a learning platform to make assessment for learning a part of everyday practice?

Video Gallery

What better way to learn more about itslearning than by viewing the platform in action? Check out a variety of product videos, testimonials, and success stories from schools and districts.

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itslearning Recipes

The itslearning recipes show how teachers are using the itslearning platform to make a difference for their students, save time and connect with students in new ways.

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