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Six Simple Steps

Welcome to itslearning

itslearning is an online learning platform designed specifically to be used by teachers as a teaching aid. It also helps you reduce paperwork by automating many routine tasks. This quick guide will help you get started.

Choose Your Format

Navigate the online guide or download the Quick Start Guide (PDF).


Participants: Learners, pupils or students

Hierarchy: Group of learners

Assignment: An activity for learners (e.g. homework)

School dashboard: The first screen people see when they log into itslearning

Course: An online teaching and learning space where teachers can add resources, assign activities and more

Course dashboard: Welcome area on a course (the first screen people see when they log into a course)

Early learners: A course that is specifically designed for learners between four and seven years old

My web files: A place where you can store all your files (such as videos, photos and PDFs)

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