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itslearning features

itslearning consists of a number of different features which are especially tailored for the education sector. This page describes the most important functionality. Click the links below for more information, video tutorials and resources.

User Profiles & Policies

Customisable profiles let you choose access and administration rights for users.

All users are assigned a profile that dictates what they can and can’t do with itslearning. For example, teachers can add assignments and tests in a course, while students are limited to taking tests and completing assignments.

The three profile groups

  • Course. Default profiles: administrator, teacher, student and guest
  • Project. Default profiles: project manager and project participant
  • Site. Default profiles: system administrator, administrator, employee, student, guest and AICC

Define your own profiles

itslearning comes with default profile settings, but each school or site can choose its own profile settings – and can change the names of the profiles to suit its organisation. This is done by changing the policies, which override the default settings.


More Information

Read more about profiles and policies in the online help.

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