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Thank you for your interest in the itslearning app! Please read through this document as it contains important information.


The app allows you to access the itslearning platform. In order to be able to use this app, you must be granted access to the itslearning platform from your educational organization and have your access details ready.
This app is provided to you by itslearning AS, the operator of the itslearning platform. Your educational organization has entered into an agreement with itslearning AS.

This end user agreement is a legal agreement between you and itslearning AS. The purpose of the end user agreement is to describe the relationship between you, itslearning AS and your educational organization.

Privacy and data protection

Your educational organization is legally responsible for compliance with privacy and data protection laws and regulations. The agreement between your educational organization and itslearning AS regulates the responsibilities of both to protect your privacy and personal data.

This app gives you a mobile interface to the itslearning platform and in most regards acts just like a browser you would use when accessing the itslearning platform from your computer. For privacy and data protection matters related to ordinary functionality of the itslearning platform please contact your education organization.

The app gives some additional functionality, such as notifications, and requires some additional data to be handled. Below is a summary of the most important elements:

· Upon activation of the app, the device ID will be transferred to our servers in Europe and stored as long as you are registered on the itslearning platform. The device ID is necessary to connect your device with the itslearning platform.

· Standard messaging and notification functionality for your mobile device will be used to send notifications, notices, messages to your device. This will require that we use the network and services of the operating system vendor of your device (i.e. Apple, Google, Microsoft) and access your account ID with such vendor.

Limitation of liability

itslearning AS will do what it can to make sure the app works without errors and gives a great mobile experience for the itslearning platform. Having said that, itslearning AS cannot promise you anything. You agree and acknowledge that this app is a user experience enhancement service provided on a “best effort” and “as is” basis solely for your convenience. The functionality of the app is dependent on many factors such as hardware and software of the devices, battery capacity, network availability etc. and you shall be aware that the app may fail and data may be lost.

You agree that neither itslearning AS, nor its owners, employees, contractors or agents may be held liable for any error, act or omission in the app or any losses or other consequences as a result of such errors.

Choice of law

This end user agreement is governed by the laws of Norway.


Thank you for reading through this document. If you understand and agree to the terms, go ahead and install the app to enjoy a fully mobile itslearning experience!

itslearning AS

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