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"itslearning offered a safe and protected environment for my students to learn about blogging."

Angana Ghate, Grade 4 teacher at Shiloh Point Elementary, US

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"I find itslearning a most useful tool for planning, being able to access from home or indeed anywhere and at any time. It gives a great deal of freedom and fosters better time management." Sue Parker, year 6 teacher at Manor Primary School, UK

itslearning allows primary school teachers to take advantage of the possibilities offered by digital resources. Store digital lesson plans, homework and assignments that are accessible anywhere and anytime.

Interactive content and digital resources engage primary learners. Use colourful images when setting assignments instead of black and white handouts. Quickly make drag and drop tests, create audio clips to accompany assignment descriptions and add links for further study. itslearning allows you to meet your students in their arena, using the same tools they use in their free time for learning. Our platform helps you peak your students’ interest while helping them reach their full potential.

Teacher Stories

Every day itslearning influences education delivery in primary schools around the world. Read how in these school stories.

A primary school in Norway had a goal of converting to 100% digital communication between teachers, students and parents. Read how itslearning supported their effort.

Grade 4 teacher Kjartan Moe Hustvedt uses digital learning resources in every single lesson. "It makes my job interactive and living," he explains. Kjartan explains his methods further in this interview.

Affinity Teaching School Alliance uses itslearning to deliver professional development to its primary teachers who are spread over a large geographic area. Read how the platform serves as a forum for discussing subjects and sharing resources.

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