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Millions of teachers, students, and parents around the world trust itslearning to provide a personalised learning environment for their schools.

Our Solution

More than 4 million active users worldwide depend on itslearning to help shape, support, and manage a more personalized learning environment for 21st Century Learners. itslearning – A Passion for Teaching!

  • itslearning Mobile

  • Overview

    itslearning is a learning management system that enables teachers to better facilitate instructional delivery and engage today’s “digitally” wired students. Whether teachers are developing lessons, distributing and collecting assignments, assessing quizzes and tests, or engaging with parents, itslearning supports teaching and learning anytime, anywhere, on any device – all on one platform, in one location, requiring one login.

The itslearning App

itslearning mobile app

From teacher feedback to notifications on upcoming tasks and homework,
the itslearning App delivers students instant updates directly to their smart phones.

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Course Management & Delivery

Everything you need to develop and deliver engaging courses, both in and out of the classroom.
Develop lessons more efficiently with itslearning's planner. Seamlessly integrate publisher content
into your lessons. Gather feedback through blogs, discussion boards, surveys and polls.

  • Online Communities

    Encourage peer engagement and collaboration with online communities that can be created by teachers, students or administrators. Communities are ideal for school clubs, or for organizing group projects.

    Professional Development

    Goodbye, hit-and-run workshops. Hello professional learning communities. Build an online professional learning community for teachers to connect, collaborate, and share resources and best practices.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Drive student achievement with powerful reporting options. Analyse data, both at student and class levels, and automatically share progress with students, parents and administrators through personal dashboards.

    Curriculum Management

    Plan, assess, report. We've got all your curriculum needs covered. Efficiently map curriculum to learning objectives. Build a library of keyword-searchable resources with the learning object repository. Share lessons, resources, assessments and rubrics across schools.

"Students are seamlessly able to log in to itslearning and do what they need to do. No other learning management system does that as well as itslearning."

Grace Magley
Director of Technology
Millis Public Schools, MA (US)

"Recently, when planning the curriculum for the following term, we asked the children to use the discussion tool to give us feedback about their preferences for learning. The children have provided us with a massive variety of ideas from vintage cars to the planet Mars! This may not have worked were it not made so easy for the children to express their views and ideas."

Will Davies
Teacher, Manor Primary School
Devon (UK)

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