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Our new support system is coming

Dear Fronter administrator,

To ensure that you get the best support possible, we are moving to a new ticket management system.

After an intensive review we decided that Freshdesk (www.freshdesk.com) was best suited to our needs. The main reason for this is that, along with allowing us to take tickets via phone calls, a web portal or e-mail (as you’re used to) it also gives us a large number of other support channels. Whilst we will not be implementing these to begin with, we hope to make use of these going forward to ensure that all customers get the support they need.

Important to know

  • The migration to the new ticket system will be made on Wednesday, 29.06.2016
  • To reach the support portal, you will still use the Support tab in your Fronter installation as you used to.
  • We are doing a fresh start and will not transfer any of your existing tickets to the new system - unless otherwise stated by your local Fronter Support. Throughout month July you will be able to reply on the automatic generated emails you got from our old support portal. Or you can simply create a new ticket in our new support system.

The new system is modern and easy to use. To help ensure the switch is as simple as possible we have created a short tutorial  on how to use the new support portal.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Fronter Support.