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"itslearning differentiated itself from the others not only by providing excellent features required for today’s learning and instructional needs, but also by demonstrating excellent anticipation of what our upcoming demands may be."

-Chief Information Officer

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Customers share how itslearning makes an impact in their classrooms.

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  • Maria School (The Netherlands)

    The MariaSchool in Reutum adopted a highly innovative learning concept in order to optimise the school’s use of ICT applications. As part of this, primary students work daily on his or her own MacBook – and all teaching materials are offered in digital form in itslearning.

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    University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

    "We get very positive feedback on itslearning from our online students. They like the discussion tool because it is modern and similar to other discussion forums available on the Internet."

    Anita Monty, e-learning Consultant

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  • Växjö Fria Gymnasium (Sweden)

    "I use itslearning in my everyday teaching all the time. It’s the first webpage I open on my computer in the morning. And when I'm sitting at my desk, I’m always logged onto itslearning."

    Maria Blom, Swedish and English teacher

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    Bjørgvin Secondary School (Norway)

    "Traditional teaching with the chalkboard requires very little of students. The flipped classroom means that the students themselves have to take responsibility. If they have not seen the video before class it may be difficult for them to keep up."

    Elisabeth Engum, Mathematics Teacher

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    Arcada University (Finland)

    “Not many teachers wanted to use our old platform. Not many students either. But they want to use itslearning. It’s easier for them and far less complicated than our old platform. And we didn’t need to give too much support to teachers when they were creating courses."

    Filip Levälahti, e-learning Coordinator

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"We see itslearning as a way to support teaching and learning – not as a substitute for teacher-student interaction."

Francisco Guzmán, Director
Liceo de Monterrey (México)

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  • AHAB-Akademie (Germany)

    "The beauty of our blended learning approach is that students have the flexibility to choose when they study. But we also want them to have more flexibility in how they study."

     Nicola Golz, Fitness and Physical Education Instructor

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  • Lycée Jean Moulin (France)

    "When I ask them to do an assignment in itslearning, the results are always better. Their investment in work handed in on paper is never as good."

    Magali Raffin, English Teacher

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“itslearning's commitment and vision to a much better future for education fits with what we see in Poway USD and Design39Campus. I love that they are always willing to try to find a way to accommodate our additional ideas and hopes for a personalised learning platform for students. I know that we, together, can change the world!"

Sonya Wrisley
Poway Independent School District, CA (US)

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