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Multiple techniques for multiple intelligences

The itslearning learning platform saves teachers time. That´s nothing new. Examples abound. It automates tasks like grading and planning, for example.

But can a learning platform also improve student achievement?

The answer, as outlined in our whitepaper on multiple intelligences, is a clear yes. In broad strokes, the theory of multiple intelligences, which was introduced by Howard Gardner in 1983, says that we have different intellectual strengths.

In our whitepaper, we analyze these intellectual strengths as learning styles in a modern classroom using a learning platform. Specifically, we look at how a learning platform can reach students a classroom of students, who all learn differently. As it turns out, the tools offered in itslearning make it easy for teachers to engage students with different learning styles.

The whitepaper on multiple intelligences provides great examples for teachers who want to use a learning platform to differentiate their teaching and engage students with different learning styles.

Here are some examples from the whitepaper:

- Reach linguistic learners by giving them audio feedback. Just open the itslearning audio recorder and dictate your feedback into the microphone.

- Engage visual learners by loading your course dashboard with great content. Embed videos, images, charts and graphs to supplement other materials.

- Stimulate the minds of learners who think in terms of movement by assigning them an activity. These learners would better absorb a physics lesson on pulleys by video recording themselves constructing a simple pulley system as homework.

As the whitepaper stresses, should vary their delivery methods to engage as many students as possible. After all, visual learners can also benefit from group work, so the more differentiation in the classroom the better.

Covering everything from assessment for learning to blended learning, our library of whitepapers puts these hot-topic education concepts in the context of a learning platform. The library is a great source of resources that ground the 21st century, learning platform-supported classroom in a pedagogical foundation.

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