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Miscellaneous updates and corrections

This entry describes miscellaneous minor updates and corrections. The updates may be small, but you'll find some interesting news, such as a tree menu fix and new look and feel for content blocks. And perhaps most important: The message system no longer sends out messages when assignments are edited. Read the details below.

Annoying tree menu collapse a thing of the past

We know that it was annoying that the course tree menu collapsed when new elements were added. This has now been changed, and the navigation tree stays open. This means users no longer have to manually navigate back to the folder from which the element was added.

Better privacy for course participants

To protect the privacy of course participants, reminders from the assignment tool are now sent as blind carbon copies (BCC). This prevents recipients from seeing the user names of other recipients.

Nicer look and feel for dashboards and content blocks

The dashboard and the content blocks now have a new look and feel. All content blocks now have a surrounding frame with shadow effect. Some content blocks also have a toolbar, as shown below.

Summary dashboard bypass for school administrators

It is now possible for teachers to manage the user summary dashboard. This enables school administrators to manage the user summary dashboard without involving a system administrator (the administrator's edits will only affect the hierarchy to which they are an administrator).

Users will only be able to manage the summary dashboards of the organisations to which they have administrative rights.

Give us feedback on the new progress report!

A beta label has been added to the bottom of the progress report 2.0 pages. Please let us know what you think about the functionality. We appreciate all comments – whether positive or negative.

We've moved the admin ILP settings

The individual learning plan settings have been separated from the mentor page, and can now be found in Administration >> Edit global settings >> Individual learning plans.

New last chance saloon for deleted terms

A new tab for terms has been created in the administration trash can. The tab contains deleted terms, and users can then decide whether to restore them or delete them permanently.

Version numbers are gone

As itslearning is a SaaS product and is continuously being enhanced, users will no longer see the version number for itslearning in browser and tab headings.


We have made quite a few improvements and corrections since our last release. Here's a list of the most important.

Message when teacher changes status on an assignment
In our last update, we implemented a system for sending messages when changes were made to group assignments. As it turned out, messages were sent out to group participants every time teachers edited, commented or made changes to an assignment. This bug has now been fixed, and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience the error caused.

Now, messages are only sent when teachers:

  • edit the comment text field
  • add or remove a comment file
  • change the assessment status
  • change the assessment

Messages are also sent when the assignment is a group assignment and when teachers:

  • add or remove a group member
  • edit the actual assignment answer
  • add or remove the answer files (not comment files)

Calendar activities on children's dashboards
Because of an error, parents could see all the calendar activities that their children had in itslearning. Personal calendar activities should not be visible for parents. This has now been addressed.

Plagiarism duplicate
When a student submitted the same document to the same assignment twice before the deadline had passed, the plagiarism status indicated 100% or Failed. This has now been addressed.

Change score in open questions
If teachers had assessed an open question but later discovered that the score was wrong, they could not go back and change the score. This has now been addressed.

Early learner interface and Single Sign-On
Sites with local Single Sign-On solutions could not use the early learner interface. This has now been addressed.

Match questions and Internet Explorer 8
When creating a test in Internet Explorer 8.0 with matching questions and mathematical formulas, the content was presented as HTML code when the test was reviewed. This has now been addressed.

Math equations, Greek characters and tests
Teachers experienced errors if using math equations or Greek characters in tests. This has now been addressed.

Mentors could not access attendance
If a mentor was a member of only one course, and this course had attendance marks and terms, the mentor could not access the attendance data after the course had been deleted. This has now been addressed.

Editing of HTML files failed
When editing a HTML file in My web files, the text editor did not appear. This has now been addressed.

Links containing special characters now work
Content block links with "æ", "ø", "å" or other special characters in the link or label caused the link to appear incorrectly. This has now been addressed.

Messages not sent to people with apostrophe in username
In the internal messaging system, recipients with apostrophes in their username did not receive messages. This has now been addressed.

Formatting lost in editor
When entering HTML code in the source view of the editor, some of the formatting was lost. This has now been addressed.

Assessment portfolio – no access
If a learner had the ePortfolio setting "Who can access your ePortfolio?" set to "Only me", it was not possible for teachers to access the learner's assessment portfolio. This has now been addressed by adding a new setting for course administrators.

Safari: Context menu in rich-text editor
The context menu in the rich-text editor sometimes appeared outside the screen in the Safari browser. This has now been addressed.

Content blocks, file names and file uploading
When adding rich content blocks and files with special symbols, the files could not be opened or downloaded. This has now been addressed.

Sorting by name on personal report page
Sorting by name didn't work correctly on the personal report page. This has now been addressed.

Search for course didn't return results for teachers and learners
If learners or teachers clicked the Search tab >> User search and then Find course, no courses appeared in the results. This has now been addressed.

Adding participants to courses
Adding participants to a course from another course in the same organisation did not work. This has now been addressed.

Editing bulletins without titles
If the title of a bulletin consisted of a space only, it could not be edited. This has now been addressed.

Can't import parents' relationship to kids
Previously, it was not possible to import parent relationships to the parent dashboard. This has now been addressed.

Assessment visible in content block
Assessment marks were visible for parents in the parent dashboard and for learners in the "Completed activities" content block on "My Dashboard" even if the teacher hadn't chosen to publish them. This has now been addressed.

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