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Miscellaneous changes

Better support for itslearning when using mobile devices
Users logging on with a mobile device – such as an iPhone or Android phone – can now use the simple editor to when working in itslearning. (The rich-text editor does not support mobile devices.) This gives mobile users almost all the same functionality as computer users.

Assign different interfaces and skins to different users and groups
Administrators can now select which skin will be used by different users at their site, so they can differentiate the look and feel between schools and different age groups. In addition to the standard XP interface, the early learner interface and intermediate interface, we've also added a new interface called Animal Misfits. This new option is available in profiles and policies.

Better copy-and-move feature in courses
We have improved the drop-down list that appears when you are copying or moving elements in a course. Previously, all archived and active courses were listed, but now the drop-down list shows your favourite courses first, then then other courses and archived courses.

Also, when moving elements the current course or project is now set as the default target location.

Browser support
itslearning is tested in the most common browsers which, right now, are the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Our aim is to support new versions of browsers within 6 months of the browser being released.

Terms: No Add button if there are no terms to add
The Add button is now disabled if no terms have been defined or if no more terms are available to add.

Terms: Asynchronous terms completion
Previously, terms completion was effective immediately after the user made a change. The completion of terms is now made asynchronously. This means that the Complete term button has been reintroduced, and is active from the last week of the term.

User feedback: Help us improve!
Do you want to help us improve our features? Users with suggestions for improving a feature can now send a message directly to the itslearning product management team from itslearning. A message will appear in the elements that we want your feedback on.

SCORM: More space when viewing SCORM content
If a teacher manually links to SCORM content, it is now possible to hide the header information by selecting SCORM as the Communication setting for the link.

Tests: Test timer no longer stops
When taking a test, itslearning now counts from when the test was started, and the timer no longer pauses if the student leaves the test.

Tests: Superfluous word removed
When adding or editing a test the word "or" appeared between the Save and Cancel buttons. "or" has now been removed.

Assignments: Better assignment report overview
To make it easier to see an overview of assignment reports, we’ve added paging to the assignment report page in courses.

Rich-text editor: Relative links solves issues with site shortnames
Links to elements in itslearning in the rich-text editor are now automatically made relative to avoid issues with site shortnames. For example, links like https://school.itslearning.com/weblink/weblink.aspx?weblinkid=12 are shortened to /weblink/weblink.aspx?weblinkid=12.

This addresses the issue where a user is logged out from itslearning when clicking a link.

Workflow: Workflow page now has add and save buttons
To prevent changes from being instant, Add and Save buttons have been added to the workflow page.

Integrations: Shibboleth - the SAML2 client now supports attribute encryption
The SAML2 client used by itslearning now to supports attribute encryption, enabling support for Shibboleth 2.

Integrations: View logs for an IMS ES integration
Administrators with permission to manage enterprise web services can now view the logs from an integration in order to investigate issues and faults, and see the changes from one import to another. It is also possible to select the integration for specific sites, and filter the logs from an integration.

Integrations: View details for an IMS ES log message
Administrators can now view the details of an IMS ES integration message.

itslearning trademark and logo has changed
itslearning has changed the spelling of the brand name from "it's learning" to "itslearning". All logos and trademarks have been adapted to the new spelling.


We have corrected quite a few issues in this release, and here are the most important:

SCORM 2004 does not save completed status
Even if a score was 100% on a SCORM test, the status was still "Incomplete" when it should have been "Complete". This has now been addressed.

Landing Page setting don't work on school
Setting the landing page to "School" for a student did not work. The landing page was still the main dashboard. This has now been addressed.

Server error when moving hierarchies
Some of our users experienced server errors when trying to move hierarchies. This has now been addressed.

Incorrect sorting of plans on dashboards
In the planner drop-down list on the dashboard the lessons appeared in incorrect topics. This has now been addressed.

Start URLs didn't work when set by policies
If you set start URL in a policy it did not work. This has now been addressed.

eLogin and school dashboard
Students that logged in with eLogin did not land on the school dashboard. This has now been addressed.

Deleted parents and mentors
Deleted parents were still visible to mentors in the mentor overview. This has now been addressed.

Assignments and "Next" button
Some teachers experienced that the "Next" button did not work when using groups in assignments. This has now been addressed.

Calendar links on dashboards
Links added in calendar entries did not appear in dashboards. This has now been addressed.

Double top frame
If a course was clicked in the web parts the top frame appeared twice. This has now been addressed.

Problem with links in Early learner courses
Even if a number of different links were added to an early learner course, all links appeared the same. This has now been addressed.

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