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itslearning Primary

itslearning provides a safe, fun way for students to access class materials, get feedback from teachers, and share their learning experience with parents at home.

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Connect with Parents

Strengthen the direct line between parents and school with itslearning's Parent Area,
which provides parents and guardians immediate access to their child's learning, feedback and progress.

itslearning Secondary

Give students a choice in how and where they want to learn, while engaging them with activities that use the digital tools they love.

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itslearning adapts...

Regardless of your school system's structure, or the terminology you use, itslearning was designed with you in mind. Whether teaching young children in North America, or preparing students in Europe to embark on their careers, school leaders rely on itslearning to provide a safe, secure learning environment for every student.

itslearning Higher Ed

itslearning helps universities and colleges use digital teaching tools to support pedagogical practice, including collaborative learning and peer review.

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