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Maintenance on Courses tool - September 13 19:00 CEST - New SCORM service improvement.

We had to delay the maintenance tonight a little. The SCORM update will take place a bit later tonight.

We are going to perform a maintenance on the Courses tool (SCORM) tonight at 19:00 CEST.

We are switching to our new SCORM server. The maintenance will not cause any downtime, but it will cause you to have to restart your course if you are in the middle of taking it.

An improvement with the new SCORM service is that it is now possible to embed courses directly into Fronter, instead of having to set it to open in a new window.

Limitation: Embedding courses will still not be possible in the Internet Explorer family of browsers. To open a SCORM course in IE you will need to set it to open in a new window.