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Having used itslearning over the past three years, English teacher Magali Raffin concludes that the learning platform is a major motivator for her students – independently of their level.

lycee jean moulin“The students work more and better with itslearning,” she says.

Why is this? According to Magali, the pedagogical tools and the multimedia communication available in itslearning engage the students: “When I ask them to do an assignment in itslearning, the results are always better. Their investment in work handed in on paper is never as good.”

Allows for individual follow-up

Magali puts all her notes on itslearning and students will ask for help when there is something they don’t understand. Magali will reply – to single students or groups – with additional details or exercises adapted to their level. “itslearning provides me with tools and opportunities to efficiently differentiate my teaching, and the students get stimulating formative assessment.”

“We want to make progress”

In order to get her students’ opinion of itslearning, Magali did a survey – in itslearning, of course. Without exception, all the students felt they got better feedback - almost as if they were individually coached - now they were using itslearning. “We want to make progress,” one of them underlined.

Magali feels her relationship with her students has vastly improved: “The working atmosphere has never been better”, she says. The students are now putting pressure on other teachers to start using the learning platform. The Lycée Jean Moulin being on a pilot contract with itslearning, the platform hasn’t been fully implemented. So far, three of Magali’s colleagues have given in to their students and adopted the learning platform, “and they love it,” Magali reports.

About Lycée Jean Moulin

  • Country: France
  • itslearning users since: 2006
  • Number of students: 800
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