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We first saw itslearning at an educational show in Birmingham. At this time, we were undertaking a mini procurement process and were researching different VLEs. itslearning stood out thanks to its simple look and feel.

Out of all of the VLEs that we considered, we felt it to have the most un-cluttered and carefully planned interface.

By Andrew Runciman, Assistant Principal and e-Learning Director, Lutterworth College, Leicestershire

After a demonstration of the product, we quickly realised the potential of the platform and arranged for a demonstration account to be setup. Working groups then began to look at various aspects on the system and concluded that itslearning contained a well designed set of pedagogical tools that would help us to achieve our school's vision: "To raise standards and achievements through the use of e-Learning"

Daily use

Our students will use itslearning on a daily basis. At present, we have around half of all college subjects online. The students have an expectation to use the VLE and now rely on it to access learning content and key course information.

The main benefits we see are that:

  • Students can access course information at anywhere and anytime where they have an internet enabled device;
  • Students can access a wide range of resources designed to supplement their current curriculum content;
  • Staff are able to create and maintain their own courses and do not need specialised IT skills to do so;
  • Different types of rich media can be combined to provide an enhanced learning experience.

Increased achievement

The major successes of itslearning have been the speed in which staff have been able to get going with the VLE. In general terms, after a couple of hours training, staff are able to create and upload simple resources. This has given them confidence to explore and develop the VLE for their subject.

In subjects where itslearning is used regularly, there has been an increase in student achievement, especially when the VLE has been used to promote and provide assessment opportunities and self study extension work.

About Lutterworth College

  • Country: UK
  • itslearning users since: 2007
  • Number of students: 2200
  • Number of staff: 200
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