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itslearning honours the everyday heroes

itslearning was present at the Del & Bruk Conference at Sandvika Upper Secondary School in Norway on 17 November to hand out prizes to teachers who had distinguished themselves with creative use of itslearning. All nominees are teachers who stand out as examples for colleagues and learners – and as true everyday heroes, we think they deserve extra appreciation for their work.

The award was created by the Centre for ICT in Education, Akershus County Municipality, itslearning and Microsoft, and is divided into two categories: Creative Use of itslearning; the other for Creative ICT Educators. The newly created award had a fantastic response from all over Norway, and there were 40 nominations in all. Six nominees were short-listed for the Creative Use of itslearning Award – and the best three won an iPad.

And the nominees are …

it's learning

All six nominees on the shortlist were invited to the Del & Bruk Conference, where they got to demonstrate their skills to other conference participants. The six schools in the “Creative Use of itslearning” category were:

Arstad Primary School represented by Inger Skjøstad
The school has developed a creative way to use individual learning plans as a tool in ongoing evaluation. The project actively involves teachers, form teachers, pupils and parents.

Risenga Lower Secondary School represented by Elin Måge
Elin – a self-proclaimed it’s learning addict – creates interest in itslearning by publishing engaging videos, games, links, music and files on a regular basis, and she shares what she creates with other teachers.

Lister Upper Secondary School represented by Oddvar Sunde
Oddvar has created a teaching method for scientific subjects that uses itslearning to its full potential. Oddvar often shares assignments and answers with teachers and learners – both at his own and other schools.

Sandvika Upper Secondary School represented by Kjersti Engelstad Stokke
Kjersti encourages her students to use a number of tools, including the itslearning discussion forum, to plan their education.

Rådalslien School represented by Jonny Eriksen
Jonny has created an easily transmissible ICT introduction course for eighth-grade pupils.

Hop Lower Secondary School represented by Monika Solvig
Monika likes to play with the pupils’ curiosity and is described as innovative in everything she does as a teacher. She shares her knowledge and what she creates with other teachers.

Tough jury decision

About the Del & Bruk Conference

“Del & Bruk” (Norwegian for “Share & Use”) is an online network for teachers, educators, researchers, librarians and others with an interest in social webs, ICT and schooling. Established in early 2009 by Ingunn Kjøl Wiig, a teacher from Sandvika Upper Secondary School, the network currently has over 6,000 members. Their motto is “Share what you have, use what you get”.

The jury was compromised of Vibeke Kløvstad from the Centre for ICT in Education, Ann Michaelsen from Sandvika Upper Secondary School, Bengt Jacobsen from Akershus County Municipality, Jan Helge Luth from Microsoft and Nils Viken from itslearning.

“The decision was really tough,” says Nils Viken. “We were interested in nominations that showed innovative use of ICT – such as software, tools and Web 2.0 technology – but they also had to really engage pupils. We also looked for projects that are easily transferrable to other teachers, schools or organisations.”

Using these criteria, the jury chose Elin Måge, Oddvar Sunde and Jonny Eriksen to receive iPads on behalf of their schools. Congratulations to them all!

Best ICT educators

The winners of the Creative ICT Educator category were Stovner Upper Secondary School represented by Magnus Sandberg and Sandvika Upper Secondary School represented by Åsmund Hanevik. The winners are invited to participate in the Microsoft Innovative Teachers Conference in Moscow in 2011.

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1. Kevin wrote:
I agree with Rachel as an Elementary teacher the best adivce I could give you is finding a teacher that would be willing to let you go into there classroom. Teaching is hard work but very rewarding. You will never make a lot of money, have to deal with angry parents, spend a lot of your own money of resources for your classroom, and work a lot outside of school (grading, preparing etc) but if this is the right career for you all of these things become less important and trying to educate a teach achild is what really matters.If you want some questions when I was in college we had to go and observe and some questions I asked my cooperating teachers were:What is the most/ some rewarding things that you find as being a teacher?What are some of your challenges that you face? Hardest things about being a teacher?Describe a typical dayHow do you deal with angry parents? demanding?Why did you become a teacher?What keeps you teaching?What are three (or whatever number you want) things you wish you knew going into teaching your first year that you didn't learn from school or student teaching?those are some things I thought of otherwise google what to ask my cooperative teacher? questions to ask a teacher?S

Mon, September 17, 2012 @ 5:13 PM

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