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iOS 6 means faster uploading for itslearning users

Using an iPad with itslearning is now a lot easier. Uploading material to itslearning from mobile devices running on iOS is now done with a tap on the screen with the newest version of the operating system.

The iOS 6 update, which is now available for download, allows itslearning users to upload media directly from mobile devices such as the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, which was not previously possible.

Direct uploading to itslearning

Apple´s new operating system improves the user experience in itslearning as it makes uploading material to itslearning much easier, says itslearning Market Researcher Morten Fahlvik.

“The user experience is improved a lot. The user will definitely feel that itslearning is better because of new opportunities offered in iOS 6,” Morten says.

In the previous system, moving material from an iOS device involved several steps. Images and videos stored on the Camera Roll had to be moved from a mobile device such as an iPad onto a computer and then onto itslearning. With iOS 6, users can upload directly to itslearning instead.

With iOS 6, users can select images or videos directly from the Camera Roll while working in itslearning. Materials can be uploaded into content blocks and attached to assignments and messages.

Morten says this is good news for itslearning users.

“The improvement for itslearning users is that the Safari browser can access the Camera Roll so that videos and photos can be accessed and uploaded to itslearning,” Morten explains.

“In iOS version 5 and older, we would have to build a native iOS app in order to access the Camera Roll to be able to upload videos and images. This is what Facebook has done. So what Apple has done with iOS 6 is to enhance the Safari App to be able to access the Camera Roll, which is great for itslearning users.”

Screen shots way of sharing work

The process of importing images and video to the Camera Roll remains the same in iOS 6. Apps like the camera or other photo apps export images to the Camera Roll. Users can also take screen shots in apps that cannot export to the Camera Roll by pressing the Hold and Home button simultaneously.

Morten provides a practical example. A student is working with Pages on an iPad and wants some feedback on the page layout. The student takes a screen shot of the page and uploads it from the Camera Roll as an attachment to an assignment or message. The teacher reviews the screen shot and replies with feedback.

Morten encourages all itslearning users to update their Apple mobile device with iOS 6. For more information about updates to Safari in iOS 6, visit http://www.apple.com/ios/whats-new/#safari.

"The examples in this article demonstrate how the changes in iOS benefit the itslearning users. In addition, future itslearning updates will further improve the user experience for users with iOS devices," Morten says.

In-class scenarios highlight benefits of iOS 6

Here are two practical in-class scenarios where iOS 6 will benefit itslearning users who use Apple mobile devices.

Scenario #1: Uploading video as part of an assignment answer

Students are given an assignment

What is good service? What is technical service and what is personal service?

The group shall show examples of good and poor service (both technical and personal service). Discuss and create situations where you can experience both good and poor service. Choose three example of each and present them to the class in the form of a video recorded role play.

How the students tackle this assignment with iOS 6.

A group of students chose to make a video with the iPad in order to answer the task. The video is created with the iMovie app. After the video is edited, one of the students uploads the video as an attachment to the assignment answer.

The teacher can then log into itslearning on a computer, review the videos and provide feedback.

The following video demonstrates how to upload video in iOS 6:

Scenario #2: Photo as attachment to assignments

The assignment

The pupils use iPod touch as the field trip camera and have taken photos that will be part of answer to an assignment.
The task given by the teachers was to take photos of flowers where they grow. The point is not to pick the flower, but leave it alive.

How the students tackle this assignment with iOS 6.

The pupils write in the assignment answer where the flowers was found / where the photo was taken and upload the images as attachment to the answer directly from the iPod touch.

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