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"itslearning is the core, the center of my teaching. It's the most important tool I use for communicating with my students."

Arild Steen, assistant professor of computer science at Narvik University College

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Higher Education

An online teaching and collaboration tool designed specifically for the education sector, the itslearning platform helps you manage all aspects of your work, from teaching and course administration to e-learning courses and research projects.

itslearning helps universities and colleges use digital teaching tools to support pedagogical practice.

Examples of this interplay include:

  • Online discussions allow teachers to practice collaborative learning
  • Easy assignment sharing allows students to carry-out peer reviewing
  • Teachers can easily share feedback from assignments and papers among students in order to implement a transparent classroom
There are many other benefits to be found at the nexus of pedagogy and ICT. Online discussion threads mimic classroom discussions, online quizzes are used for exam preparation and messages keep students informed about their subjects. itslearning also helps you in your organisational work, including improving dialogue with students and giving feedback.

And everything's easily accessible in an intuitive navigation plane, allowing you to focus on creating good courses instead of the technical aspects.

Teacher Stories

University professors always find interesting ways to use itslearning to support their teaching.

A professor at Narvik University College has an idea which saves distance students from having to travel to remote testing centres. Read how the itslearning test tool gives his school a competitive edge.

A Finnish professor describes itslearning as an excellent conduit for providing students with constant feedback in relation to their learning goals. 800 itslearning courses were created at her university in the first year.

A team at the Bergen University College recently delivered an online course on itslearning packed with elements such as online discussions, digital assignments, tests and links to multimedia content on the Internet. Read how itslearning supported their pedagogical process, inducing collaborative learning, peer reviewing and transparency.

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