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If you want to stay on top of everything that's going on with Fronter, this is the place. You can sort the list so that you only get the kinds of news that you think you might find interesting.


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    Two new functionalities for administrators

    Fronter is happy to announce that we have created two new functionalities in Fronter for administrators. We have created an option to display only imported rooms in the overview of the archived rooms and a tool to help you delete unused imported rooms.Please see our blog post for more details and pictures: Back to school - Two new functionalities for administrators   Read More...

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    Fronter releases week 34

    The following was released in week 34:Assignment Tool: On file upload in the Assignment tool, the file is now scanned for virus. If a virus is found, the file will not be included in in the submission/save.Content Search: Search results are now more cleanly formatted and are easier to read.Admin Tool: Added new functionality to the Admin tool to allow easy deletion of all unopened/unused imported rooms.  This will give an admin user in Fronteran option to close and delete unopened imported ...  Read More...

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    Fronter releases week 33

    There were no releases in week 33.  

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    Norway: Integration problems are resolved

    We were able to finalize our work on tidying up last year's groups and giving the correct access rights to the new groups.Should you still find any groups in your school that don't look correct, please let your Fronter admin know.We apologize for any inconvenience and delay this may cause.   Read More...

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    Norway: Integrations are now activated again

    We have activated the imports for all Norwegian schools (except for the customers who asked us not to do so). The new data is now getting imported.We are still working on tidying up last year's groups and giving the correct access rights to the new groups. We publish a News when we have finished this work.   Read More...

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    Fronter releases week 32

    The following was released during week 32:Test tool: Fixed an issue whereby a student could attempt to guess the right answer to a test where the alternative answers are set to appear in random order, by looking at the element ID in the browser using the browser's built in developer tools, and selecting the answer with the lowest ID.  This in many cases would give the right answer, as teachers normally enter the correct answer first, thereby giving that answer alternative the lowest ID...  Read More...

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    Norway: Some integration problems are still ongoing

    Some Norwegian customers are experiencing problems with their import. We are still working with high pressure to resolve the problems. Therefore, for some customers the integrations are not activated yet and new data could not be imported.We apologize for any inconvenience and delay this may cause.   Read More...

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    Fronter releases weeks 27-31

    The following is a summary of the Fronter releases done this summer during the weeks 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31.Week 27Issues with email regarding incorrect date headers now resolved.User now remains in recycle bin after permanently deleting an item using the item context menu.A copied room now displays Math formulas correctly.An assignment tool behaviour that prevented teachers from opening the 'Assign view' if Room had only empty groups as members has been modified. We now allow assigning...  Read More...

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    Norway: Remember to activate your import

    This is a reminder for all Norwegian Fronter administrators: Please remember to activate your import again when your import file is ready for the new school year.For many installations, Fronter has done some cleaning jobs so that last years imported groups got removed. When the import runs again, the Fronter building will be populated with the new groups.If you haven't activated your import until Friday, August 12th, we will turn it on for you to ensure that you have your updated data ready...  Read More...

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    A small improvement to make archiving easier for Fronter administrators

    We have just released a feature change on the archiving page. Go to Rooms > Display All Rooms > Archived Rooms.Scroll down to "Rooms you may want to archive (rooms without any groups)".We have added a checkbox "Show only imported rooms". Checking this option will display only imported rooms from your integration in the list below.This is useful for customers who archive imported rooms during their end of year maintenance.   Read More...

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    Trafalgar Infant School wins Technology in Learning Award with Fronter room

    Press Release:The Community Education Awards is very pleased to announce that the winner of the Technology in Learning Award 2015/2016 is Trafalgar Infant School, Twickenham.   Read More...

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    Fronter releases week 26

    The following was released during week 26:Added timeanddate.com to the whitelist to avoid blocking this site.  Users are sometimes adding countdowns or clocks from this site.Added link to new the Freshdesk support solutionTest tool: We made performance improvements to test result export, as customers with large amounts of data were sometimes experiencing timeouts. Test tool: Fixed an issue where a user could create accidental test duplicates by using the browser back button after submi...  Read More...

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