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News & Updates

If you want to stay on top of everything that's going on with Fronter, this is the place. You can sort the list so that you only get the kinds of news that you think you might find interesting.


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    Fronter releases week 25

    There were no releases during week 25.  

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    Stop dates for imports in Norway

    To avoid integrations running over the summer when there are partial data for the new school year in the MIS, we are stopping the import for all Norwegian customers on Monday, 26.06.2017.Exceptions are:hshhfimhialshighihhihmhilhimoldehinthioahisfhithivoldahvehiofnihnmbuntnuoauiauinuiouitujkumbnordmfIf you do not want your import to stop on the set date please contact Fronter Support.   Read More...

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    Fronter releases week 24

    There were no releases during week 24.  

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    Fronter releases week 23

    The following was released during week 23:Editor (CKEditor)- Fixed a formatting issue in the Editor that could cause text formatted as italic to display as regular formatted text if the text contained hyperlinks.Copy Room- Fixed an issue that could cause the Copy Room functionality to fail for some rooms. This only affected very few rooms, but the error was persistent for those rooms.  Analysis of the error logs showed that all error instances had in common a reference to an empty database ...  Read More...

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    Maintenance during next regular maintenance window Wednesday, June 14

    During the next regular maintenance window on Wednesday, June 14, we are going to perform work related to our database servers and update security and kernel related packages. The work will be performed between 20:00 CEST and 22:00 CEST. During this time, each customer will experience only a few minutes of downtime.  What does this mean for me as a user?While the work on your Fronter building takes places, you won't be able to login.   Read More...

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    Fronter releases week 22

    The following was released during week 22:Assignment tool- Fixed an issue that made annotations in assignment preview to stop working- Fixed an issue that could make the "Download all objects"-function to fail from time to time if the activation of the function happened to coincide with a server cleanup jobHand-in tool- Added an error message to inform users there is a file size limit of 100MB when uploading large files to a task in the hand-in tool   Read More...

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    Next release news

    Due to a public holiday in Norway on Monday 5 June (Whit Monday), the next release news will be published on Tuesday 6 June.   Read More...

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    Fronter releases weeks 20-21

    Due to a technical issue on the website last week, this weeks post contains updates from both week 20 and 21.  The following was released:Test & Question DB- Fixed an issue where on a multi-page test, when a teacher comments on a students submission, the test would appear two times in the Portfolio result matrix. This has now been fixed.   Read More...

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    Fronter release week 19

    The following was released during week 19:Integration framework - Fixed an issue in the Procapita IMS import where some parent group names were misspelled.Toolbars - During last couple of months we have...  Read More...

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    Fronter releases week 18

    The following was released during week 18:Integration Framework- Did a change to the c2k-specific tuner for SIMS SIF-based integrations to remove the automatically created 'All carers"-group if it does not have any members or subgroups.  This change only applies to SIF-integrations for c2k schools.   Read More...

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    Fronter releases week 17

    There were no releases during week 17.  

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    International Start of Year documentation 2017

    A new international edition of the Fronter End of Year - Start of Year documentation is ready for you! It describes the routines regarding the end of a school year and the start of the new. It gives administrators and teachers guidance from stopping the import, archiving old rooms, starting the import again and finally activating the new rooms.Find your download here: International EOY - SOY documentation   Read More...

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