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Training & Courses

Discover how to take advantage of Fronter to improve the flow of your analyse-plan-teach-assess-cycle. Give yourself a boost!

Throughout the year we will be hosting a number of free Fronter training courses around the UK, we have a variety of courses tailored for different levels of users.

Courses will be hosted by Mark Ashton our Fronter Pedagogical Trainer. Mark is one of our Fronter experts. He's part of our dedicated UK team who travel the country visiting Fronter schools to help and train them to get the most out of Fronter.

Course Descriptions: 

Fronter Admin Course:  This basic admin training course is a course designed to help you administrate and maintain Fronter during the school year for your school community.

Fronter Fun Design Course: This training course will consist of a variety of tips and tricks for making more use out of the platform and how to use functionality for productivity and design.

Fronter Tips and Tricks Course: This course is aimed to inspire and innovate the use of the VLE. During this session we will cover a number of topics and attendees will go away with a pre-created room containing the subjects covered, please bring either an iPad or android tablet to this session.    

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