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Tips & Tricks

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    Virtual "Journey through Europe

    By Krystyna WÄ™grzynhttp://www.lubin.pl/wirtualna-podroz/  

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    Staff Room & Test Tool

    By Fronter Queen Elizabeth Girls' School in the UK has been making their staffroom page more user-friendly by putting a table in a text box and adding clear icons for each click through page/resource. This means that, even as their Fronter building grows and develops, staff are always able to quickly find all relevant content easily. Fronter is the main bridge between the admin and curriculum servers, allowing staff and students to access all the resources they need.   Read More...

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    Media project "I love you Poland"

    In conjunction with school celebrations commemorating the 3rd of May, we organized a media project, "I love you Poland" on the platform of Fronter pt., whose aim was to present difficult and serious content related to our country in an unusual way. As part of this patriotic educational project a virtual room was created on Fronter. where students solved themed quizzes and watched educational films.   Read More...

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