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Our Solution

Fronter is all about education. To improve education and make it more available, we build and deliver a teacher friendly learning platform. It is a service we provide to make it easier for teachers to engage students and allow them to take an active part in their own learning.

Because we are designing Fronter to support teachers’ workflow, you can be more efficient in planning, delivering and assessing learning.

The Fronter Workflow

Boost your Fronter building by adding extra features and functionality. Plus Packs are sold separately so you only pay for what you need.

Fronter Plus Packs

We don't make everything ourselves. When we find other products that fit really well with Fronter, we make them available to you.

Partner Products

The Fronter Workflow

Because we are designing Fronter to support teachers’ workflow, you can be more efficient in planning, delivering and assessing learning.


Goals |  Planner | Personalise

You typically start your planning with a learning goal, because at the end of the day this is what you will measure your pupils’ progress against.You can use national or locally adjusted learning goals in Fronter.

Fronters new Planner is designed from scratch to help you create, share and follow-up on plans, tasks and homework. Because it’s new, it’s also mobile. It’s an easy, quick and fun way to reach students on a device they’re using and enjoy. But make no mistake. While the Planner is fun, it is created for professional teachers. It connects plans with subjects, goals and students. Each pupil can be served a personalised version, including individual follow-up.

And, of course, you’ll find a calendar in Fronter to help you plan lessons and check the availability of colleagues, pupils, rooms and resources.



Learning outcomes | Assignments | Tests

Assessment for learning along the way is at least as important as assessment of learning at the end of a topic or course. You’ll find the flexibility to do both inside Fronter.

We also know that pupils benefit hugely from self-assessment and give plenty of opportunities for doing just that.Together, teachers and students can find, and commit to, strategies to help them reach their next potential level of learning.

When you connect learning Goals to Assignments, Tests, Forums and Tasks, you can track your pupils’ progress throughout, and at the end of, a course period. Automatically graded Tests can give pupils immediate feedback. Questions can be put into a question database for re-use.

When assessing an assignment, whether handed in by a pupil or a group of pupils, you can add shorter or longer comments and evaluations, right where it represents the greatest learning opportunity. While it is easy, and for some pupils perhaps tempting, to copy the work of others, we all know that they learn more by producing original work. Ephorus plagiarism control is a Fronter partner that detects copied work and presents the findings in a simple dashboard.

The outcome of all written assessment in the tests and assignments will, together with the work done by the pupil, end up documented in the pupil’s portfolio.


Pages | Learning paths | Courses

Great teachers help pupils learn new things, using a variety of tools and methods, guiding their progress through the curriculum. Explore the opportunities for using Fronter to reach “listening learners”, “seeing learners” and “experience learners”.

Teachers all around the world have created millions of Pages with structured course content including text, images, sound, video and links to other resources. These Pages can be shared, improved upon, and used again and again.

Test is so much more than an assessment tool. A quiz to trigger existing knowledge of a topic before you begin can be both helpful and fun. Another way for you to gage pre-existing knowledge of a topic, to brainstorm or to pool the collective knowledge of all your pupils, is Forums.

If you combine Pages and Tests, you can set up a Learning Path. In between pages with learning materials you can insert tests that your pupils have to pass to “level up”. If they fail, demonstrating that they have not learnt what you set out to teach, you have the opportunity to present the material in a new way.

You can easily use courses created by others inside Fronter, if they're in a standard format like Scorm. There’s a lot of really good learning tools out there that Fronter partners with, such as the math problem solving engine Kikora and the creative video and animation extravaganza Creaza.

Use Assignment to set tasks, homework and assignments. Your pupils can submit work in any number of ways, ranging from Microsoft documents to images, sound recordings or video. From the beginning, Assignment was designed with the busy teacher in mind and set up to support an efficient workflow for interacting with students. They get an overview of new, current and past assignments that is always up to date. You get a continuously updated status overview to help you stay on top of who needs following-up.



Portfolio | Statistics | Individual learning plan

Each pupil has a portfolio in Fronter. It contains a copy of all the schoolwork and activities he or she has taken part in, as well as assignment evaluations and test results. All this information is organised in a result matrix.

The pupil can see their own work and activities, which is useful. As a teacher, you get an overview of all your pupils’ work and results, which is even better, as it can be a great starting point for creating each of their individual learning plans.

Using the Individual learning plan, you can evaluate the pupils’ performance against set goals. You know how important it is for pupils to reflect on their learning process along the way, so invite them in to self assess. Involve their parents in setting objectives, and in finding ways to improve performance.

With all this information to hand, presented to you in a tidy overview, it is easier to plan next steps. To gage your pupils’ knowledge before entering new territory, why not create a quick test? Connect the Test to a learning goal and you’ll quickly discover which level to begin at.

Plus Packs

SMS Messaging

Mobile phones have changed the way the world connects. Phones are getting smarter all the time and most people today have one. Text messaging is a cheap and effective way to send important messages to teachers, staff, parents and pupils.

With SMS messaging

  • Teachers can inform pupils and colleagues of time or venue changes, and send reminders or messages to boost morale before an important test.
  • Pupils receive up to date information on class times and schedules and for extracurricular clubs or activities.
  • Parents receive reminders and notices of activities at the school and upcoming events or information meetings.

How SMS messaging works

  • Fronter administrators have direct control over who has access to send SMS and to whom they are able to send.
  • The school purchases a 'Pay-as-you-go/cash card,' representing a fixed number of text messages.
  • Text messages can be sent to individuals or groups and are sent directly from Fronter.
  • The SMS messaging tool gives full reporting of text messages sent and received.

Unlimited storage

We offer unlimited storage to make sure you always have enough space on your learning platform to add all the resources you want, whenever you want.


The word "wiki" comes from Hawaiian and means "quick" or "fast." What is generally understood by wiki now is a web site that lets any viewer become a participant. You can quickly and easily create or edit the actual site content without any special technical knowledge or tools. A wiki is continuously under revision. It is a living resource pool owned by all participants and the creative process is shared. One famous example is Wikipedia. With the MediaWiki integration, you can now create a wiki within a Fronter room.


Increase the status and visibility of your school online - make your school and activities known in your local and global community. You can quickly and easily create your own school and personal websites - all from within the Fronter platform.

How it works...

For each website you create, a Webfronter room, which is structured like any other Fronter room, is created in your building. The folder structures and pages within your Webfronter room become menu tabs and pages on your website. Editing your website is quick and easy; all you need to do is log into Fronter. Choose from a selection of predefined design templates to get your website up and running in no time. Add animations, images and videos to your web pages and enjoy using a range of design elements and colours.

Fronter MIS integration

Many schools and municipalities have a Managed Information System, with data about users, classes, subject groups and so on. Fronter integrates with a range of these, enabling you to automatically provision user accounts and groups into Fronter.

As a part of this service, we will:

  • Ensure the imports run nightly and as configured
  • Resolve any issues caused by the Fronter integration framework
  • Stop and restart the import for Start of Year
  • Monitor the framework, and proactively resolve issues
  • Assist with configuration changes for the import (in the integration setup tool)
  • Provide you with access to the nightly import logs
  • Continuously develop the framework, both with respect to standards support as well as scalability and availability of the framework

Sometime you'll have special needs or circumstances that require services that we may have available for an additional fee (please liaise with your Fronter Account Manager to check availability and agree on details), such as:

  • Help out on the export functionality in the MIS
  • Modifying export data from your MIS for any purpose
  • Other actions required for Start of Year such as archiving rooms, or deleting old users and groups
  • Resolving issues due to the MIS export
  • Significant changes in the MIS export format or setup (e.g. if the MIS is changed entirely, or if the data transfer method is changed)
  • Testing the imports in a separate test installation

Any significant change in the MIS or the data exported therefrom requires a new integration setup. If the MIS is one we already have worked with, the setup will include configuring and testing the import. Sometimes we may need to troubleshoot the exported data, as an additional service.

If the MIS is a new one on the market, or one we have not previously integrated with, we will need to establish the MIS data conforms to the standards we support (e.g. IMS Enterprise), and that also the transfer methods are supported. In such cases, please get in touch so we can establish the needs and way forward.

Partner Products


While it is easy, and for some perhaps tempting, to copy the work of others, we all know that pupils learn more by producing original work.Ephorus plagiarism control is integrated with Fronter, giving teachers a quick and easy tool for detecting and fighting plagiarism.

Ephorus will automatically compare all work handed into the system with

  • Documents on the internet
  • Other documents handed in by students
  • Documents from other institutions using Ephorus (if you have chosen this option)

How does it work?

The Fronter hand-in folder is adjusted so that all work submitted is automatically scanned for plagiarised content.

Each time the system is used (anywhere and by any school or university), the database of documents and pupil papers for plagiarism detection grows.

Plain Text, Word, OpenOffice, PDF and HTML files can all be scanned.

Both teacher and pupil will receive an email report with plagiarism scan results.


Access Kikora via Fronter. Simple reflection of classes and students directly into Kikora Quick and easy access without the administration and registration. Fronts manages all data and log on, no additional passwords or logins required. Kikora you can easily find in your room or courses.


Creaza captures perfectly children's imagination and creativity. Let them create digital stories using a range of multimedia tools to make learning about historical periods and fairy-tales even more magical.

Fully integrated

Pupils can create and work on projects in Creaza through Fronter in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter the Resources folder in your Fronter room
  2. Select 'Create' and choose 'Creaza'
  3. Complete your project within the Creaza interface and press 'Save'


The seamless integration means that Creaza projects can be handed in as part of a Fronter assignment and form part of a pupil's personal portfolio.

Multimedia tools

Develop video, sound and image editing skills at an early age whilst teaching the national curriculum.


A comic tool to create cartoons or personal digital stories consisting of professional backgrounds, characters, props, images and text.


A movie editor to create movies, complete with professional- looking titles, transitions, effects, animation, music, and narration.


An editor for recording, slicing, and mixing audio.


You can visually organise, and get an overview of, thoughts, ideas, links, and other information.
Project work Expand the possibilities for creative project and group work.