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Fronter releases weeks 51-52

The following was released during weeks 51 and 52:

  • Test & Question DB
    - Added support for exporting and importing the new matching type questions recently released from/to the question database to/from a file, and from/to the Test tool to/from a file
    - Fixed an issue where exporting a question with a math equation and importing it back could break the math equation
  • Test tool
    - Fixed an issue with previewing mandatory questions in the Test tool
    Background: When a teacher tried to submit a mandatory question in the "Preview" tab of the Test tool, a pop-up appears stating that " Please answer all questions marked with * ".
    However, this pop-up did not allow Mandatory questions to be submitted. 
    This happened in both the below cases: 
    1. When a Mandatory question is created in Test tool and then opened in Preview tab of that Test.
    2. When a Mandatory question is created in Question DB tool and pulled into a Test using "Get Questions" button and then opened in the Preview tab of that Test.
    This is now fixed.