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Fronter releases weeks 27-31

The following is a summary of the Fronter releases done this summer during the weeks 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31.

Week 27

  • Issues with email regarding incorrect date headers now resolved.
  • User now remains in recycle bin after permanently deleting an item using the item context menu.
  • A copied room now displays Math formulas correctly.
  • An assignment tool behaviour that prevented teachers from opening the 'Assign view' if Room had only empty groups as members has been modified. We now allow assigning the assignment to "All students" even if only empty groups. It is obviously still not possible to assign to "selected students", because there are no students to select.
  • Special characters in test titles are now supported.

Week 28

  • Difficulties submitting test answers after a word count violation are now resolved.
  • Files with special characters in the name are now indexed correctly for use in the Content Search.
  • Changing the type of text recognition in a test question no longer causes incorrect calculation of test max score.
  • Browsers with a java plugin enabled can now use the Sound recorder in the assignment again. Remember, browser support for the java plugin is being deprecated by browser vendors soon.
  • "Opening hours" of a test no longer editable without activating the "Opening hours" option.

Week 29

  • Sorting by name a test with no replies no longer sends you to the test edit page.
  • Copying a test now supports copying uploaded images with the test. This support only extends to images uploaded from this release.
  • Minor form validation added to opening hours of a test, with submission now disabled if dates are invalid.
  • A tag whitelist has been created to allow <audio> tags to be pasted into the source of a test question description.

Week 30

  • Teachers can now save draft assignment submissions when assignment status is 'student draft'. Teacher's still may not submit an empty assignment.
  • Improved visibility of the "Set back to draft" link in the assignment evaluation view.
  • Permissions issues caused by virus scanning are now resolved.
  • Copying a test that includes questions linked from the question database no longer locks that question.
  • When choosing which rooms to archive, have an ability to easily show only the imported rooms in the list.
  •  A new "show only imported rooms" checkbox on the archive room tab.
    This makes it easier for admins to only select the imported rooms to archive as part of the start of year routine.

Week 31

  • A small fix where the indentation would be incorrect in the "show all rooms" page after visiting the "public rooms" tab.
  • Question database no longer strips slashes from question alternatives.
  • Tests created in hidden learning path folders no longer show on today pages.
  • Test comments are now visible in Goals for tests set to display questions in random order.
  • Users are now able to set "Score is" to any number including 0 in order to have better control over user redirection in the Learning Path.