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Fronter releases week 49

The following was released during week 49:

  • Test & Question DB
    - Fixed an issue where if a teacher is trying to add a question to the test database, enters a title, forgets to select a proper question type in the category dropdown (dropwdown show '----Choose type----'), and then saves, a "Missing title" pop-up dialogue was shown.  This has now been replaced with a proper error message saying you have to choose a type.
  • Test tool
    - Fixed an issue where if a teacher tried to import questions into a test from a file, there was no error message given if an invalid file format was chosen.  This has now been fixed, and a proper error message is shown.
    - Fixed an issue where a teacher could give a score for a test question outside of the defined range for the question (e.g. give 12 points out of 10)
    - Fixed an issue where if a teacher when creating a test tried to import a question from another multi-page test, and that question contains an image, the image was not shown in the editor, and a code was displayed instead.  This has now been fixed, and the image is shown.
  • Editor
    - Fixed an issue where math equations did not display correctly in edit mode in the Editor.  This has now been fixed, and equations are correctly shown also when edited.