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Fronter releases week 45

The following was released during week 45:

  • Test & Question DB
    - Fixed and issue where moving a test from one folder to another could cause loss of data. When a user creates a test, a hidden folder is automatically created in the same folder as the test.  This hidden folder contains the elements of the test.  If a user moves the test to another folder, the hidden folder did not get moved together with it.  If the user then deleted the original folder, the hidden subfolder was deleted as well, thereby deleting any previous questions and student replies.  This is now fixed.
    - Fixed and issue with getting questions from multipage tests that were not working in survey tool
  • Portfolio
    - Optimized a slow-running database query that affected performance in the Portfolio tool under certain circumstances when extracting data from tests
  • The following sites were whitelisted:
    - https://esisdam.esis.dk
    - box.com
    - fliphtml5.com
    - www.bbc.co.uk