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Fronter releases week 43

The following was released during week 43:

  • Test & Question DB:
    - There was an issue when copying a room containing a test that is active and has set a timelimit, the test in the new room would also be active with same timelimit as test in original room.  This is now fixed, and the test is set as inactive in the new room.
    - Fixed and issue with exporting test results from a test that used matching questions, the individual score of each matching question was not showing. The matching question score was still counted on the total score.
  • Portfolio tool:
    - Fixed an issue with multi-page tests, where 'Save and postpone submission' did not show proper progress indication in Portfolio.  Example: If you had a test with one question on each of two pages, and just answered the question on page one of the test and then clicked 'Save and postpone submission'.  If you then went to Portfolio > Statistics, the progress of the test would be shown as 'n/a', when it should have been 50%.  This is now fixed.
    - Fixed and issue where results from SCORM courses were not visible in the Portfolio
  • Default Room Today tool:
    - Fixed an issue where if you added a test container to the default Room Today tool (accessible if you click 'Room' in any room), the container did not display the active tests in the room.