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Fronter releases week 41

The following was released during week 41:

  • Resources tool:
    - Fixed an issue that prevented files of type *.notebook (created by SMART Notebook application) to open on Windows PCs, and files of type *.key (Keynote presentation), *.notes (Notes application) and *.numbers (Numbers application) to open on Apple Macintosh computers running Safari.
  • Integration framework
    - Fixed an issue related to imports from the Procapita student administrative system, where the import fails if the group import ID contains Nordic special characters
    - Fixed an issue related to deleting users with Nordic special characters in the username if the encoding of the building was set to Latin1, where the user was deleted correctly in the building, but the deletion was not propagated correctly all the way to the central UAS service due to an encoding issue, leading to orphaned users in the UAS