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Fronter releases week 40

The following was released during week 40:

  • Test tool:
    - There was an issue where the characters '<>' disappeared when used in question titles or answer alternatives in a test.  This is now fixed.
  • Resources tool:
    - There was an issue with the dropdown context menu on a previously uploaded item, such as a Word document, where the "Download" menu action did not work
    - Hotfix to fix an issue where files with comma in the title would intermittently not open properly in Chrome browser
  • Assignment tool:
    - Release of a large scale foundation change in the assignment tool to prepare for combining of student views, feedback loop and faster feature development
    - Hotfix to fix an issue that prevented users from from opening student submissions or creating new assignments if the language was set to anything other than English.  This was caused by a problem in the inclusion of language translations in another feature release.  Our release process has been updated to prevent a similar issue from reoccuring in the future.
  • Whitelisting:
    - The seesaw (web.seesaw.me) digital portfolio tool was whitelisted to allow for use in Fronter
    - The tricider (www.tricider.com) social voting tool was whitelisted to allow for use in Fronter