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Fronter releases week 26

The following was released during week 26:

  • Added timeanddate.com to the whitelist to avoid blocking this site.  Users are sometimes adding countdowns or clocks from this site.
  • Added link to new the Freshdesk support solution
  • Test tool: We made performance improvements to test result export, as customers with large amounts of data were sometimes experiencing timeouts. 
  • Test tool: Fixed an issue where a user could create accidental test duplicates by using the browser back button after submitting a test and then resubmitting.  The user will now be directed to the appropriate response, and duplicate test submissions will not be allowed. 
  • Test tool: Fixed an issue where a teacher that deactivates a previously created test that has custom opening hours could result in the opening hours being reset.  The test will now preserve the custom opening hours even if the test is deactivated.