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Fronter releases week 23

  • Resource booking: Fixed an performance issue with resource booking in calendar that could cause the resource list to take a long time to load if the number of resources was high.
  • Integration setup tool: Fix to avoid Javascript and CSS files being cached indefinitely by the browser in the Fronter integration setup tool.
  • Integration setup tool: Removed the ability to use the old Fronter Integrations Setup tool. All customers should already have been migrated to the new Integration Setup tool some time ago.
  • OES: Continued work to stabilise and improve OES, and released several bug fixes
    • Fixed bug that could cause "File path not found" error in Word in certain scenarios
    • Fixed bug that could cause "Recreate version without comment" link to disappear
    • Removed inappropriate "Can not restore latest version" alert that could appear when user was trying to create a new version