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Fronter releases week 21

Fronter Standard

  • Structure API (used by Planner): Fix to allow members of a group to not have access to other members of the same group.  This issue would occur if a group is created with a teacher and students, and the students are given contactAccess=0.  Then only the teacher is added to the group.  This means that when a teacher is assigning that group none of the students will be assigned.  What should happen is that the students should be added to the group, but not given permissions to see other members of that group.  That way the teacher can use that group to assign all the students to a plan.  This is now fixed, and teachers can use the groups as intended to assign their students to plans.
  • Test tool: Fixed issue that gave error code when student tried viewing results and navigating between pages after submitting a multi-page test, or when accessing the test from the Portfolio to view results
  • Test tool: Fixed issue where extended ASCII characters (e.g. æøåöä...) in test name corrupted export of test file.  Note: there is still an issue if there are special characters in test names (e.g.&*%...) that is still being investigated.
  • Admin view: Fixed 'add code' checkbox in Absence form in Admin view
  • Notifications: Stabilised notifications API and made improvements to reduce time for notification delivery